Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1st Full Day Spring

Son-of-a-gun: I think’s I could use a refresher coarse in clock reading. Waking a little while ago I thought it a middle of the night rising. HA! I don’t know where my sleepy-time time had gone for it is already a half hour past my morning rattler time. E-Gads!
Sheesh! I just thought I had caught up yesterday’s day entry. Pouring a glass milk for downing my rattlers I remembered I had forgotten to mention how unusually all the wild life we’d seen yesterday: 6 deer, 1 squirrel, 1 chipmunk, some turkeys, a coyote, a wood chuck, ducks and geese; and we weren‘t even looking. Between the peepers, and nest building male birds singing their hearts out for female mates. It’s even sounding like Summer is only a few days away. Was a heck of a day for wildlife.
The immediately proceeding’s rounded off list of sighted wildlife was only a beginning. This very AM Fillip and I continued counting Geese paired for this Summer’s breeding season. We encountered more deer (at least 4 by my poor eyed count) this morning in a well shaded swale hole.
As of this late afternoon we’ve a cow in a very very-motherly way to pop or have popped by morning. After supper I’ll have to take a late evening stroll among the possible hordes of blow flies. Believe me its been warm enough this last week they could well be hatching out at any hour now.
This morning’s start down in the barn would have found me removing the wood splitter for it solid-state coil removal. Some serious sanding its magnetized legs and the flywheel’s embedded magnate. Putting it back in and topping the job off with a new spark plug we had a blue spark, ignition, and a running splitter. Our machinery behaving rather well we were off to finish all that what we hadn’t finished last night. We’ve split and lopped up hat limbs were left. The poor wood hauler has seen gentler use. It’s tires are squatting low this evening. Loaded down with about a ½ cord firewood. This is one fine easy way to sneak up on filling next Winter’s wood box. A couple more cords aught to just about do it, plus one more to make sure.
Pastures and hay fields are with the warm weather’s heat are growing like crazy. I wont doubt but what I’ll be baling hay between three and four weeks from now. Sheesh, I suspect this year ain’t through showing us more this year’s the craziest weather.
Spent some afternoon hours cleaning up Bro’s left over mess. Fillip found another bolt with two nuts on it holding the bell housing bolted to the engine block. That kept Sneak busy for awhile. Kept him busy enough I managed to do a few other things this screwed up afternoon. Anyway….

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