Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3-27-2012 Mixed transportation's day view

The Greene truck unceremoniously dragged out of the shop afternoon last on a solid pole attached between it and an 1850 tractor it now sits beside a barnyard lane. The shop cleared of the engine-less Greene, the Ugly truck was slipped into the shop taking up that same priceless space for a hopeful one day crash course in a stupendous couple simplified repairs. Maybe, just maybe after some lengthy thought and figuring we can get that mechanical beast properly fixed? We’ll see!
Meanwhile, Her Mostess required taken by special delivery, in Bro’s neighborhood medical appointment (so it seems) van (bus), for the results of her last sleep study.
We’d made the trip, sat for well over an hour, and in the end came away very unhappy with the results. I do believe our primary care giver has totally missed our medical health-care targets for all three of us. We’ll see?
For what I’d consider a bottom line opening argument the last six/eight months has been a seeing specialist’s waste of time. Nothing had been learned, nothing but more useless prescriptions doing not one of us any good. Frieda’s health care has been a joke none of these physicians having had it all together. We’ve got to see our primary health-care provider for an at least two fold reason, and at that perhaps more liking a three fold desire to find out how it is Fried and I feel as though our care is simply feeding the coffers of some the greedy!!!
Rat no, I think I’ve written enough I hope my words will alert others reading me, don’t get caught-up what I’m feeling like the bleeding subject of a few opportunists’ feeding on us to satisfy their individual Midas touches.
Getting back, driven almost totally direct, I did manage to be dropped off momentarily for some milk and ice-cream, having to settle for the single simple stop opportunity I was afforded. The milk selection I was exposed to was take it or leave it. The ice-cream was almost as close a choice as the milk. No bargain brands this stop. My only choices involved my studying the offerings and my picking the one most exotic flavor the longest distance from whatever else was the closest to our normal shopped choices, Butter Pecan. I’ll be hanged I’ll pay a fancy bottom line price for vanilla or chocolate.
Dropped at home, lunched, Fillip and I attacked the Ugly truck with all the gust of appearances we knew what we were doing. Ugly taken apart, parts examined, parts ordered that be in come tomorrow morning I believe we had at last were started on the right tract the Ugly trucks final fixes. I hope so!
A truly interrupted day feeling as if I’d been money and time wasted used, Fillip and I weren’t done early nor late, but somewhere in between. Another tuxedo cold day it was I was more than pleased enough to return to the stimulating fireside our happily burning woodstove. Almost 6:00PM our entry I was given a wee bit extra time to down load some of what I consider my more valuable document files. “Puter’s been acting up lately. Likely needing another good biannual memory cleaning.
Upon the Michigan Agricultural front, a number of enterprising Fruit growers burned some quantities of baled straw making smoke over their orchards, vineyards and plantations. Their thoughts, the smoke would prevent the frost from settling.
A short back up here. Irrigating crops blossoms and emerging fruits isn’t such a strange treatment. I’ve learned the critical damaging temperature is right at 29*F. Hmmm seems, wrapping the ice is (has) a very stabilizing temperatured effect.
Nuts, If I’ve mad any sense what I‘ve written for this day, will someone come forward and explain it all to me!

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