Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Adventurous Day

Was a good thing we had daylight savings time. Fillip and I needed it be for we finished our day. Our day a going this-a-way’n’that.
We started our day making fix two tractors ‘none Ugly pickup truck out here in the yard. The replacing The JD fuel pump and adding a a fuel filter with it was a snap. The Oliver I drained and blew out the fuel filter so its good to go another maybe another whole 1/2mi. Our attention turned to the Ugly truck we replaced a fuel line, put in a new fuel filter, installed an electric fuel pump, and and fixed a broken vacuum line. All this done to the old truck it started up liken it hadn’t been as eager to start for the last six months. It getting late afternoon we we jumped aboard and headed for SW side Flint for a couple more new wrenches. 8mi out we had an electrical fuel pump problem. We suffer that for a mile pulling into one of them chain store lumber yards. Electrical parts in the lumber yard supermarket. Fillip thinking he had it fixed by the time I got back, I pocketed my purchase and we took off again. Rolling again we got as far as half way our total around about whole drive when truck started acting up again. We changed a crimp on spade. Did little good. But I decided to coax on along for we were only a half mile away from out toll requisitioning tool outlet.
More wrenches purchased than originally intended we took to the road again making something like 4mi when I had to coast us off the main drag onto a residential side street. We sat there for about two hours before we had it rolling again. This stop we switched the electrical fuel pump back to the mechanical. This done I bullied Ugly out into traffic and push the Ugly connivance like there was no tomorrow as if I had gotten a cab driver’s license for Chicago traffic. By and by the machine started acting more and more sensibly as we neared home. Even noticed and experienced an extra bonus the brakes had finally peeked and were once again working like new.
Hitting our neighbor hood at 7:))PM I dropped Fillip off to do chores. I took my rattler and retreated back down the road for a cow-calf combination round up to put our first of the season calf into better survival quarters. We is a premy don’t you know. Then about to leave for myself after everybody had left when I went to start Ugly, Ugly backfired and the whole top of the engine was on fire…. I popped the hood, grabbed a rag out of the cargo to find it useless when it also started burning, the tenant brought out a fire extinguisher what was dead, I took off my shirt and threw it over the engine to snuff out the flames. 7:30PM I called Fillip, “Bring tractor for tow. Truck has caught on fire.”
Ugly toed home, I’ll look at it tomorrow. I suspect another $350.00 carburetor has bit the dust. Now, what’s next? I don’t even want to think about it.

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