Sunday, March 25, 2012

3-24-2012 What’s next?

Been reading about other’s ailments. So give me some latitude for some personal thimken.
I have before this writing admitted to a long lingering list of many ailments. And, then it has come to pass having been referred to another medical specialist. This second doctor, one more of a long list of second specialists to look and poke me over with their individual opinions all added to my becoming innumerable lists of ailments.
Let me write about this last one, Doctor I mean. Starting with what I know and the latest collection of symptoms this declining episode shall have either gone or went something like this.
For some time (months) Had had been suffering what I called or described as lightening strikes coming and going my left temple. After many weeks of the experts trying to figure it out Frieda solved it. The pains came upon me every time I sat down. She narrowed it down to to my having had a number of falls some of them landing upon my tail bone. An x-ray revealed some damages had befallen my tail. Solution, solutions, a cut piece of cake like wedge out of my chair’s cushion or sitting upon a whoopee cushion whenever I was (am) to sit down.
Okay for some pre-even shorter short memory history. There has been some even more recent headachy issues including some rather unexplainable weakness issues the like’s my left knee wanting to let me down at the most importune times, or my right ankle taking to try folding itself beneath me. Thus I was sent to a neurologist.
1st visit, it was a talk fest. Nothing was solved. 2nd visit, I had my head examined and absolutely nothing was found, (haha). 3rd visit, Doc tried some electrical impulse testing on my feet and calves. (ouch, ouch, hurt ouch fun) all the time it felt like I was dancing with my ladies electric fence. Then dismissed. 4th visit, I was asked about benefits of last prescribed medication. It was a waste of time. Talk momentarily over he brought out the electrical torcher machine once more (ouch, ouch, hurt ouch fun). This time it felt like the electric fence was dancing with me. When the music died Doc informed me, obviously after some couple minutes deliberation, All your nerves are being pinched. Surgery might help and the healing at your age would take forever. More medication was offered. I turned it down. I admitted Chiropractic care often helped and sciatic nerve malfunctions. I admitted sitting was my nerves undoing. Laying down was my greatest single head and body pain relief’s. This last Doc’s last suggestion, “Do whatever you have to do!” So, this where I’m at these days.
Well after noon I’ve had to abandon Fillip to his cutting up the last few pieces wood laying along sie the house towards the pasture fence. Earlier we had fed the ladies. Emptied the hay wagons even so far as getting the last remnant drags off one of them so’s if could properly dry out. No yet close enough to noon Brought the 4020 around the house to help clean up an old ongoing firewood cutter’s mess, mine. That belated job isn’t done yet but the area is starting to look better. While the unloaded wood hauler’s handily sitting out here with the pruned leavings cast into it, we added some long forgotten rotten chunks what had never been split. So rotten they’re hardly worth the effort to even watch it smolder. So, it’s the burn pile for more trash wood.
Uh, when I finished this day, my mind and body were through with me. As this is being read I’m finishing it Sunday morning. Fact, my gege-ing out rather early evening last I gladly traded places with Sneak. We’d hardly gotten settled in our changed attitudes when the lights went out. Of course I t was his fault…and how he had managed turn these same lights all over the neighborhood has just got to be one of his more serious tricks. His refusing to confide in me as to how he had managed it, he did however brightened up the light on some the dimmer flashlights he could lay his hands on. And exactly what time I drifted away into dream land, serenaded by a host of invisible peepers, I do not know.
So already a new day I’ll start another entry later today to commemorate another one my day’s lived in Shorthorn country.

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Paula said...

Listen to Frieda and feel better.