Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slow start Day

Up and and’em one look out the door all I seen was wet. What the ….. It was goof off time. I played some solitaire. Eventually feeling guilty I moved my lazy carcass down to the barn, sheepishly took the Cushman out to see if I’d been a new papa by bovine proxy? It was nope! Nothing had happened. From there I drove back to the barn and hooked up the splitter to finish that what we hadn’t yesterday. the last of the cut wood chunks split, I stacked them. Next Winter’s firewood pie is looking healthier all the time. Checked on Terry. He’s broke too. I shared some wintergreen candies with him as we spoke nonsense passing a few minutes time of the day.
At long last the day started for real looking to accomplish something/anything we were headed for the shop. Diligently we worked at pushing pulling, lifting and lowering, prying and pinching we fought that Greene truck near tooth and nail, unable to separate that stubborn engine free of that truck’s chassis.
Short of giving up, backing off, engaging in some thoughts stooping and bending, down to all fours, re-crawling over and under truck we finally found it. Through all this reconnoitering we had finally found it. Darned if GM didn’t double nut a whole bunch of extra tricks meant to hold and support a mired mess of essential wiring we found we’d removed one 13mmm nut off a near invisible stud only to be covered with another 14mm nut snugging that same stud holding the transmission housing to the block. Using some of the very same tools what have been braking me to get this job done that engine about jumped free of its engine housing.
Did it, at long last we’ve gotten the engine out of truck bolted solidly to an engine stand for taking needed conversion parts off of. Meanwhile, no tractor available for dragging that truck out of the shop, that chore shall have to wait until tomorrow when we’ve taken another with us for that just such a chore. Hallelujah! We’d finally made one Hell of a big step forward headway.
Little more we could do with Greene truck today we called the shop time quits. Plus it was getting to close to my predestined hitting the wall time, I didn’t want an energy taking commitment on my hands I couldn’t easily handle.
Then, there’s been a phone call requiring me to grind tomorrow. Nuts, an interruption. So, what else is new around Shorthorn country.
Home I packed trash. Sheesh! These trash-men we got here have to have it all but totally gift wrapped. I shan’t say just how it near totally ____’s me off!
As of rat now, it is still early even for a Sunday afternoon slipping into evening. Fillip has Supper on. Frieda has gone and returned having seen a play “The Truth & The Sword” put on by some world travelers, traveling with it on donations. I hope somebody’s taken this troop in for at least feeding them today. I don’t think this last audience was big enough to support their connivance's fuel thirst to the next town’s engagement. Frieda enjoyed it our scrapping together coins throughout the house for a bit of our contribution.
Still early, still wanting to kick back for an hour or two This going to be it. Perhaps I’ll enjoy or try to enjoy a TV movie. Goodnight

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