Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Yr Day

Hmmm, It’s only one day every fore years that I may actually make a bonnifyed Leap Year statement. At a time like this these precious fe moments I may make a meaningful LY resolution. This one going like this, “I promise get back to what Her Mostess like best of me, my stories about her, including her, thoughts of her; I keep setting down these reasons for writing I’m bound to hit upon at least one good reason for retreating back into my silent story telling. Bone-appetite….
Now if I can have a “do” day without even one think going wrong so’s I may get to the Post Office to purchase myself one those, “if it fits it ships boxes,” I can mail some of my old 5 ¼” floppies for daughter Fannae to down load onto either CD’s or CDR’s I will once again become a happy camper.
Gosh here I go again, like a little kid waiting for Christmas, I’m waiting for another gift. This time it the long lost writing my memories, nonsense, and my xxx rated science fiction story.
While the memories were truthful comedy and tragedy, the last one was way off in the future with horses had come back in vogue cheaply/relaxingly competing with fossil fuels, speedier ground transportation was moving on mania power stray voltage radiated provided by our electrical grid system installed our under road ways, and well kept beautiful women were hoisted higher upon their rightful pedestals. Oh that last part was the best parts. There were many the evening that on going story line could keep me up all hours the night.
Now, back to today! Obviously I’ve wakened to another day. I’ve taken my rattlers long ago. Outdoor temperature above free freezing. I’ve got a Hell of an itch half way up my spine bugging the be-jesus out of me. A-top my shoulders not only sits one of Herr Clink’s headache but seeing as it is my neck connected head aching vessel It is along with a many a miscellaneous joints complaining about the weather going to change for the worse. This brings up the question….”To take a couple super pain pills or not to take a couple the super pain pills?”
For today’s one farm family’s day, I stayed in most the day. For starters I awoke with a headache I couldn’t shake. Secondly there was some question concerning my (privately) keeping my balance. Fillip also had a dusey of a headache. Only individual headache free was Her Mostess, and I attribute that to all the juice she’s been on, cherry juice. I bought and brought home a mixture of four bottles, I think it was about 10 days ago, and she’s drunk’em all. I lucked out enjoying only a single glass mixed with some ginger ale during that entire time.
I stayed by the fire almost all day rising late afternoon to check upon the ladies and bring in at least 1 wheelbarrow’s worth firewood for the night.
The weather continued to be nasty rain, sleet, drizzle, and heavy fog all day. Yup, it was one them dandy days to stay inside. I visited some old blogg sites I hadn’t looked into for some time. One place I looked into, in misery, a couple were already plowing garden space including roto-tilling it plus, a BIG plus, planting some their summer garden seeds. I‘d guess they ain’t checked their calendar lately? It ain’t Spring yet.
I know, I’m experiencing the same Spring fever myself. Our meager wood pile is looking like it’ll last out the heating season. That’s unreal! We’ve below freezing temps nightly and above those same freezing temps during the days. Venturing out has been working best while the ground resembles some sort of frozen crust to drive machinery on. Afternoon’s late driving’s a barnyard greasy adventure. This is enough info for this day. G-nite!

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