Wednesday, February 1, 2012


….Tired Out'n'out! We’ve finished today the cutting of maybe 60-sum tires into trash sized pieces. Normal disposal costs if trucked to a recycle center we’d had to pay for starters anywhere from $180.00 to $300.00 a piece to be get rid of the lot.
Now we can look to doing something else without those tools underfoot. They‘s (3 saws) wrapped up and put away for another distanced day‘s use.
This afternoon, this excellent weather supposedly going to hold for a few more days, we can look to putting some more work into-upon the Oil-house. Similar in needs, the sooner we close-in and finish the Oils House the sooner we can fill it up gaining some more productive space on the shop floor and walls. The absolute best bottom line benefit in the renewed Oil-house’s use will be our moving all those many flammable fluids (lubricants, fuel cans, paints and thinners) more safely stored outside of the shop.
Scrap tires Ugly truck loaded, tire destroying tools put away we turned our attention pointed towards, some incidental oil house preparatory readying it for continued revamping or continued Oil-House revamped construction.
Taking a couple short timeouts for some person to person gossiping.
It being a good day I’ve got to make a couple weather checks or inquiries as to what to expect the next few days. Between wanting to make a run into a couple suburbs to pick-up a couple buys, plus expose and entertain fillip’s need to either do a bit of treasure hunting, or more closely termed dumpster diving for his this week’s past Birthday present. Preparing for this round about shopping trip.
Supper’s late, it’s alright! Rattlers taken, waiting out the hour until I may eat even at a later hour. I’ve had one good delightfully fun filled day.
PS: The weather imaginer’s (all) are for now predicting five more gorgeous sun filled way-above averaged temperatured days. I’ll (we’ll) take’em. (widely grinning)

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