Friday, February 3, 2012

Same-o, Same-o….
….only different.
I woke at about my favored time from a restless sleep sporting a nagging muscle spasm homesteading my right hip. Sheesh as much water I expelled over night my thoughts include I couldn’t have drinkened all that. Looken out side the deck is dry. Then tuning in the loco TV weather jokester he reports dry conditions, even continued dry conditions over our area. These Mich. Joksters haven’t try wading my varied livestock yards around here. Under this prolonged balmy Spring like weather we’ve been given mud. Have I ever mentioned I hate’s mud? Whatever happened to disease killing, earth sterilizing, earth cleaning cold, sequestered under an earth covered warm blanket of snow? On waking this AM the teasing temperature continues to hover at right about freezing and expected to climb into the 40* levels. I want my Winter back.
Darn it, I continue to win some/loose some. The Oil-House while slowly coming along, some parts successfully made evening last on Mike’s sheet metal break. Now today’s motored a-run-about run taking in three burbs is in jeopardy. Ugly’s developed a brake problem. Oh whao is me! I hope it is a simple this very earlier morning fix. (dad-a, dad-a, dad-a!)
Sneak liking dumpster diving….er….treasure hunting, I had said, “Ugly’s brakes needed attention before hitting the road.” When I called out his name and mentioned I was leaving shortly, he had abounded up and out oof his bed. Can dumpster diving….er….treasure hunting be considered an incurable disease?
An AM hour…a runny nose, coughing, choking, and hacking; all simultaneously; my throat’s feeling like a buzz saw trying to either cut an enlarged pimple or a ripe boil off the top my the top my shoulders?
On our way a stop by the elevator we had our supplements. Next stop shop to find brake leak on Ugly truck. Found it replacing a brake line at that. Brakes still questionable, or at least soft. Wull try bleeding them again this afternoon.
Leland refused to start. My thinking weather warm enough for an easy start? Wrong-o! So plugged Leland in and did lunch.
For lunch had tuna fish sandwitches. Darn-it, I get tired them tuna fish sandwitches. One these day’s I’ve got to start making something else sides these and peanut‘n‘jelly.
Maybe after lunch we can finally grown grain and looked at bleeden the brakes over the top of differential. Oh, I know supposed to bleed’em at the wheel cylinders. Them fittings so old and rusty, I’m feared one of them bleeders will break. Well, such is life in Shorthorn country so far today…..
Grain ground, delivered, brakes looked at 2nd time; we had to give up on them for a second time. We had brakes alright but not quite as right as I wanted them. Nonetheless we took off well aware Ugly’s limitations. We made the full 3-burb’s motored circle. With our late in the day start we managed to make all but one pre-listed stop. In our travels we got my desired 12v impact wrench. I’m looking to it for that little extra oomph this aging old mane sometimes needs to loosen a lug nut or saints preserving me a bolt. (smile) And some other stuff same stop. Next on our way back we happened upon another one of them roadside abandoned shopping carts. What were we supposed to do? A smaller handier well fitting around the house we just had to save it and loaded it up our unselfishly giving it a good home. Next stop was a two fold one my letting Fillip off at the Secretary of States Office and my going around the block to pick-up his re-zippered Carhardt coat. In the mail a few days ago he’d received a Mi DOT letter suggesting his CDL drivers license he’d just gotten wasn’t any good. My errand gone done quicker, I got back to Fillip just in time to here the clerks explanation the questionable letter. Now why in sams-hill why couldn’t the letter have said it the way the clerk had explained is beyond us. The instant scholar he was this legal licensing was concerned the addition paper work was handily taken care of without any additional costs. Whew! Next stop as long as we were in the same parking lot we took in the Save-A-Lot super market for a few items within our bargain priced range. Wow, 3 hits with practically one stop and finished here we motored again a bit further north for three more stops having to skip one unaccounted the hour. At TSC we purchased a big bucket hydra-trans oil, an 18mm wrench un-found in most wrench sets, and we mustn’t forgot food for the kitty-cats. We weren’t done yet as I stopped us by at least one dumpster Sneak finding it empty save for some genuine garbage classed trash. Oh well, another half mile west we hit Wally-World picking up a few more item to numerous to mention. At last done our out and about run Fillip took over the wheel as nightfall had enveloped us. Taking the back roads we avoided any heavily traffic-ed areas.
House sure felt good our walking I with our swag. Took a moment or two for Her Mostess to notice something different about this last shop-lifting cart acquisition. Best thing going for it was it’s smaller and lighter than a piano fitting in the house.

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