Monday, February 6, 2012

This is the Monday….

….I mentioned this morning. (grin)
Oh boy! The new 12v impact wrench simply burned up yesterday afternoon trying to take off some implement lug nuts. 90 day warranty on it my would like to do task, take it back for my money back and purchase something else that last and give me some service. Bottom-line the tool didn’t look all that substantial when I unpacked it to begin with. It might have lasted a long time had I not tried to use it. Well, done is done. I see an heavier duty made nibbler is available. This nibbler I can use making some those body panels out of galvanized steel I hadn’t yet purchased. I think I can make some longer lasting parts that those available’ At least this is my plan.
Shopped Sears tool catalog evening last and found an additional three drawer add on on-sale. I marked it for store pickup. Now, get this going to sleep early evening last I wondered if I had ordered correctly. Soooo, I went shopping(?) again this morning. Son-of-a-gun, that tool box had been reduced in price again! What the? Taking advantage I ordered this last one (2nd) for store pick-up and canceled the first one. So, some time today I want us to go for a drive for tool procurement adjustments.
Could be I can turn this run into a three stopper.
T’s evening and I’m about ready to turn in. Fillip and I made today’s circuit run a three stopper. I got my money back for that sorry excuse fore a 12volt impact wrench. And used that money plus a little more and purchased a 120 volt AC sheet metal nibbler. Got to use it this afternoon and it worked effortlessly. I’m happy to have it as it’ll come in handy making an inside rocker panels and floor pans for Dumpy. I had also managed to see to it the additional tool box section’s ordered and I’ll pick it up the 12th of the month when I’ve a Doctor appointment on that far side of Flint.
We managed to fit more odd pieces tine siding on to the Oil-House. Tomorrow the siding fitting will become a bit more imaginative. I also see us scrounging around the lower barns hay mow for more save pieces barn siding. I also suspect we’ll be visiting Mike’s race car building shop for some more sheet metal bending.
Anxious to put in a longer day’s work on the Oil House tomorrow I’ve must be turning in early. Having fun!

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