Monday, February 27, 2012

We’re betwixt-between….

….mud, snow, and ice; ice so heavy it is like rubbing into run aground ice bergs, make skid-steer loaders hardly the easiest machines to operate or drive around in he either frozen or mushy rut crise-crossing the hay yards here and around a couple corners.
Loading out eight bales this morning so difficult we opted out of a second load today, opting instead to find a couple rebuilt batteries. This we did running into the near side of Flint for a couple priced about 60% less moneys than a newly manufacture product.
Extra funds at a premium these days lost to exorbitant energy prices I picked up two batteries for use in both the Greeny and Ugly trucks this Spring. Meanwhile, these come lately batteries teamed will suffice to keep the 1850 Ollie an easy starter during the interim. Although by the time middle Spring rolls along I’ll replace them for a couple 70% higher priced deep-cycle new ones.
Greatest single event today was a neighbor coming by showing Fillip and I how to remove that absolutely stubborn water pump fan. Halleluiah!
Tomorrow’s agenda I want to haul in another load hay before the later this week’s thaw falls upon us. Supposed to get down to 17*f tonight. A good freeze would be a welcomed event hardening up the hay-yard surfaces for easier skid-steer machine maneuvering both here and there.
GD politicians and their crank lying calls bugging the absolute Hell out of me interrupting some what I considered very important conversations with my kids are a genuine pain in the arse. I get these damnable tones signaling another incoming phone call. I give my precious child the quick brush to be badgered by some dump-assed prerecorded message or a political telephone bank volunteer. I don’t know why they should want to bother me. They ain’t a one of the liars I either trust nor want to feel him getting richer off the labors of my tired back. Piiiiitht……..”
Now, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow for some more delightful s fun.
Not quite enough done for the day I still must bring it to a close….for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzs

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