Thursday, February 2, 2012

An extra early start

Fillip awakens to look out his window to see our ladies are where they are not ought to be. So its and important off’n’on sit-she-a-sion. Dressing light for this ladies promoted early morning walk out into the refreshing airs my not particularly anxious to carry the wearing out’n’bout barnyard tuxedo.
Right off I found somebody had broken a gate wire. Hmmm! Kicking the problem around between us, “Had we forgotten to feed the ladies a little something yesterday?” Yup, that had to be it. So, this Shorthorn country contingent hungry, one of them had decided to go shopping for herself drafting the rest of the ladies behind her.
A broken gate wire temporarily fixed and all three gates confluent-ly arranged so, it were time we be stepping out, the both of us. I started one way, Fillip was supposed to have gone the other around the herd. I’ve sauntered off a spell looking back to see Fillip hadn’t moved but a few yards. Nuts, it was my fault I hadn’t fully explained my (our) plan. My having gone far enough a whisper to get his attention wasn’t about to work. I had to yell. With that yell I had expected a stampede, if I may so bold as to be untrusting my charges. Ha yup, some of them started heading for some distanced escapes. Thankfully a two-thirds of them had decided to head for home, where they belonged. This small measured consequence was a blessing, for as I had gotten at least caught up with the leaders I turned my walked approach towards those out front. A moment’s hesitation upon their parts, a couple the ladies having stopped to look at me trying to out guess my intentions, had for a moment looked back to see the larger part of their contingent had turned upon their own and trotting for home, these ladies seeing this by now ignoring me followed suit. This to say the least pleasured my feet and limbs. I needn’t hike any further from home.
On getting back appearing as a lost waif finally finding my way home I put Fillip to feeding the ladies. He took this task further feeding the yearling heifers just down the road. Meanwhile, I grabbed a couple pairs pliers going back to the broken gate wire to make a more Permanent fix.
In these pursuits one of my boots had come untied as it usually does. Fed up with this near daily phenomena I bent to one knee to steady myself kneeling on a clump of drier grasses to avoid the wet ground my tried to tie a new tougher knot. Then it would remain to be seen if I could undo that same knot later this evening to get meself out of that same boot!
This afternoon went splendidly. We didn’t set the world nor our neighborhood, nor the Oil-house on fire. But we made some progress. We brought for use some rather odd pieces of steel barn siding. We framed in the passive filtered light window. I cut up a sheet of steel into several ribbons to bend into Oil-House window and siding flashings.
This evening I had see about those metal strips getting bent. Well, as it turned out after supper Fillip keeping an eye on me we went up the road a couple doors. Seeing Mike well within his element he let me use his sheet metal break. It weren’t long and I had made bent some suiting me custom shed flashings. My day had closed on a worth while note. Life's good.

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