Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2-7-2012 A Clear Day….

With nothen in the way I (we) aught to get a lot done today. No excuses to go anywhere, be anywhere else, to go shopping, to buy anything more, plus inclusions of food stuffs, prescriptions, and gasoline. All this a-fore mention lists supposedly out of the way Oil House construction headway aught to be magnanimous.
Ah nuts! It’s the early morning after the night before. Wide awake unable to sleep. So I get it up and raid the icebox. Lets see, it was three small oranges not much bigger than a golf ball each, I couple ounce piece of cheese I’ve nibbled away half of it like a big fat rat, and almost but not quite a whole glass milk to lazy to open another gallon jug.
I come in cold and bent over last night. My back so sore all I wanted was to lean my lower back into an ice pack. Don’t make no sense already to cold to endure much more the outside world’s weather I needed a block of ice on my back.
Lucky to have Fillip here, he did the evening chores, came in and fixed quick supper soup. Frieda ate some of her’s handing me half the bowl she couldn’t eat going to bed. Bed, just what I needed. Sneak taking the empty bowls away I moved only enough to go bed. My head merely meeting the pillow I was out like a light.
4:00 AM the 8th current month finishing this:
Okay, now that I’ve head a bit of rest, I (we) put in a fair day yesterday. Fillip and I finished using up what steel siding we had salvaged off the oil rabbit hutch such as it was then to complete two sides the Oil-House such as it’ll be when we’re finished. Shucks there’s going to be another postponement the work on he oil-house this morning. For two other matters. Tom’s body hurting him such as it is, Asking me in he’d collared me to run an errand first thing come morning. Fillip’s a doctor’s appointment we don’t know the appointed time, on the other side Flint? Somewhere in tomorrow's unscheduled ways I must get myself up into the lower barn’s hay-mow for enough steel siding to finish the front and back sides the oil-house. So it looks like Shorthorn country's another busy day coming up with this morning’s dawn.
Okay, this tidbit a few hours late but put here just the same…..

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