Saturday, February 11, 2012

lazy day

Weather wise we’ve gotten somewhere between 2” & 3” snow. Northwest winds have made for some low profile drifting. It’d been no problem had Ugly truck only started this morning. Nonetheless I put the heavy duty charger on Ugly. If nothing else the battery will be up if and when the truck should decide to start. 1st thought starter’s froze. Then again perhaps not. Could be a bad solenoid? Yet if I should have to drive a tractor to the shop for another starter. This journey only two miles away it is not a winter adventure I’m looking forward to on an open station tractor. (brrr)
Ugly having refused to start this morning I used the old WD45 to take my sheet steel bending over to Mike’s. His ten foot break made an easy job of refashioning the sheet metal into the last 2 OilHouse closing corner pieces.
The winds blowing rather stiffly out of the NW with an honest hope the winds die away if I should have to get down and get under tomorrow. I’ll become a real happy camper the day comes when I’ve got three out of the four trucks around here all running at the same time. Oh, About the 4th truck running? I’ll not be greedy if’en I (We) manage to 1st bring 3 on line. (grin)
Our chef baked us a chicken this evening. Thankfully he’s lost the can opener for at least one evening. Rattlers taken on time, after I tried my hand at a bit of lazy house cleaning. Sorted some stuff, putting some of it away, throwing some stuff out, and trying find other places to stow still more finds. And Sneak found one great-big opps! Amongst all the stuff I was trying to sort one way or another he found some of my long lost x-rays. Oh boy, I’m hoping I don’t appear along with the lost x-rays when I return them to Doc’s dungeon-ed keeps. Sheesh! Meany-while, we could surely use either a bigger house or an unattached warehouse. Preferably a warehouse to falsely give this house a more spacious look.

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