Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunny Day

The sun shinned, the day rolled along without incident. So sunny a day I worked in my shirt sleeves sans gloves. So nice out I caught a glimpse of this big fat field mouse who looked as it’d been eating pretty good. It’s surprising whom all a body might meet while that body’s out getting a bit if of the Winter’s sun.

Shop time we picked up the floor some. Moved the Oil House door’s materials into shop. In the shop I made the door. Here’s what it looks like hanging. Now we can start moving in all those oils and paints I want out of the shop. It’s not finished yet. Perhaps tomorrow.
Rat now I want the Greeny truck and the 4010JD moved into the shop before the next weather moves in (or over us).

Some haying talk today may see me moving an 1850 Ollie over to the dairy farm for ferrying the hay-wagon over this Winter’s mud in and out of the yonder busy farm’s hay yard.
For now, My tricked upon my financial woes story has to again take a back seat to my evening’s rest and urge to sleep. The story telling has become a little more involved once I had gotten into it. It seems some of my memory cells have awakened allowing me to remember more than I had bargained for with the start of my telling the story. Rat now rest called for I’m calling this writing any more of any kind quits for the next 10 hours or so.

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