Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey, hey, hey, started my day continuing to put he Oil house together, particularly all the door holder opener hardware I had fashioned yesterday. It took awhile plus a couple slight modifications, nothing serious nor any to complicated, and when I had finished it worked perfectly well just as I had imagined. Then I forgot to take a picture of it. (grown) Moving right along I managed to cut filler piece for the back of the Oil-House floor. Then turned my attention towards the building’s north side wall shelves. The clock racing us, out distancing us our time we had to leave them unfinished for another day. Our navels hollering for subsistence to pack some spacing between that noisy navel and the back-bone it was time to lunch. My calling Bro’ to remind him, he picked Frieda and myself up to run into Davidson for Donna’s family visitation.
More importantly I wanted to go pay my respects to Donna, our neighbor, Handy’s mother, her grandson, her passing death just this last Tuesday. I’ve heard her talk about her girls and I was pleased to meet and see all of them. A nice lot of them they were. Most of them calling me Mr. Whiskers as I walked in.
Seems, Donna not knowing (nor remembering) my name had called me Mr. Whiskers when ever she’d heard me coming along the road, “Here comes Mr. Whiskers heading home the end his day.” she had said. These last years her ambling about the house having become rather limited She’d gotten to know the sounds of the trucks, tractors and implements coming up or going down this road. Bless her resting heart. She’s no longer in pain. She’s found peace.
Picture or pictures mystery hardware tomorrow.
So, this was my (we)(our) day.
Fernan ……. aka Mr. Whiskers

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Paula said...

Sympathy in the loss of your friend.