Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Fence’s Damnation

I hate fences. Not only do they keep us in. They also keep others out. A most inhospitable contrivance ever invented.
Winter soil’s temporary frozen. This my homemade alternative winter used fence post.

Takes two these bargained for bales to equal one of my well made’s soundly stowed. My ladies are fed two of these every other day with a bale of either mine or recently purchased wrapped choicest hays all the days in between.

This is what we reworked a couple Winter fences for. Then it was a blast coaxing the ladies out and away from their beloved present Winter’s feeding area. That’s up until today. Determined resorting coaxing and closing the ladies out of the there last pasture they were in, took a few minutes. Never seen (known) so a handful untrusting females timidly following me to their newly opened dinning area. Complainers the whole lot of them. It took the opening a small square bale to tease them along out the man made oriented cow lane to a very special area where the un-eatened humus may rot, settle making new topsoil, and grow new plant life.

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Mizz MC said...

Fern, go check the home board. We have lost a friend.