Monday, February 6, 2012

2-5-2012 Super Bowl Sunday

Today’s some kind of a dumb arsed holiday for a lot of supposed arm-chaired jocks. Sports fanatics watching cheering for all manner of bruising accomplishments. I’ve been to one of these events, even a 2nd time. Why, to show a foreigner I had invited to see some of our American culture and took a brand new Mexican emigrant to one our civilized way of life‘s bloodless feets ball game.
It was more liken a neighborhood event, a higher education event held in a local high school field. Our arriving early finding a seat on these home made looken bleachers for what there were of them we waited. A few minute, the stadium they called it, the place filled up with the mostly loco town’s kids, a jumping waving their arms, and cheering in preparation of what was to come, when the teams from both sides come running out onto the field. It followed a hush fell over the field and my quest was particularly impressed when everyone stood up and asked this pointed question, “Jose, can you see?”
Was out and about early this morning Bro’ picking me up our leaving here for the SW side Flint for mine Frieda another sleep study test. She’s needed one these twice now. The last one didn’t work out well so she’s needed another one. Her breathing machine becoming obsolete she’s supposed to be fitted with a new machine, maybe plus. The studies are for the new machine’s settings? The “plus?” Perhaps she’ll even be fitted a portable oxygen maximizer so’s I may get her out of te house?
Oh crap! It’s evening, I really want to finsh this, but plagued with electrically charged headaches I’ve got to lay it down in hopes of escaping the un-numerable hurts. Bye…err…nite…..
Monday morning the sun’s already shinen. We’ve a good frost covering everything. And our mid-day temps supposed to rise into the forties. Working on the Oil-House it feels like spring.
Well, here it is good morning and….

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