Thursday, February 23, 2012

2-22-2012 Today’s Fun Times

It started out a great day in the morning. First thing we had to do was check all these gals meals and wheel in some fresh baled vittles. My having had to come back to take care my daily constitutional, I left Fillip to take care of the little Shorthorn lasses down the road. About the time he got back I was out and we took on unwrapping (opening) a fully wrapped as fresh as Spring time hay bale putting it in a hay ring right behind the barn. Got to add this first thing in the morning feeding is the only way to do it. The ground nice and frosty crisp there’s none of us slipping and sliding in this daily effort while keeping the groves between our boots cleats unpacked mud clear cleaner.
Finally getting down to the shop we more or less finished the Oil-House assembly taking care of some those last minute details. Swept the new floor out. Then we slowly commenced to move some goods out of the shop into it to see how the 5-gal lubes would fit.
Yup, as I had visioned the useful space under the low wide shelf two five gallon cans high two deep nicely fit under that shelf. My first hand built Azzkicker* fitted well just in-side right side the entry door. The second generation azzkicker nicely fitted out of the way upon the far end of the big shelf. Fillips fuel oil space salamander like space heater also had it’s space in the Oil-House when we weren’t needing it. This all well and good, but I’m already seeing a problem coming up. I’m afraid we’re going to run out of space long before the building’s filed without leftover space.
Moving on, the shop also swept clean, after some to Oil-House toting, it were time start the 4010 JD and move it and the Greeny truck into the shop. Well it was a good idea at the time. Only, the JD refused to start even with the heavy-duty charger/jumper on it. The day coming to a workday end we left the JD in the company of an all-night 10 amp charger on its batteries.
Looking back in my rearview mirror, motoring home, I saw behind us a mild mannered yellow-orange sundown. Even the weather man had said we wouldn’t have snow until late Thursday’s afternoon’r’early-evening. We’ll be more’an ready for tomorrow’s offerings.
*Azzkicer’s my generic name for a remote controlled 17 gauge wire gate opener/closer.

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