Friday, February 10, 2012

On ice….

…..I am. I have just gotten back from my chiropractor. And doing the icepack on the lower back area thing to reduce that painfully hidden inflammation what‘s been storing up inside me for these last three days…
Woiking on the OilHouse me thinks I slipped my lower back bending over to throw some screws into the steel siding we were recovering the newly modified building’s frame work. By the time we’re through with this little building we’ll have fit together four different patterned barn steel (or roofing’s) siding’s. Fitting all these salvaged, saved, leftovers, and traveled bundle covers. Don’t you know we save everything. “Waste not, want not!” truer words were never recoded around here. ‘Tis hard telling how many material and time savings have made otherwise unattainable projects a reality around here. Just saying!
Yes, we’ve been the last three unwritten about advantageous days woiking on the OilHouse. And yes, we might have had it done a couple days ago if we’d started from scratch with all new lumber yard supplied materials. (smile) But it had not been near as much fun making something out of otherwise totally scrap classed materials. This project has been one grand daylily fun put together jig saw puzzle. (grin) We should be done any day now. ‘N I sure as better be taken some pictures.
Nut’s had marked some very odd pieces of patterned steel for some modifying custom bending, loaded the pieces into Ugly and forgot to take over to Mike’s race car shop for bending. Any excuse to go by his place to see what he’s working on is a good excuse.
Today’s weather is cooler (colder). It is also trying to snow. Well, it has been ever since first light wee little snow balls. Even so it continues to be a pretty day, while I laze around on my varied cold packs looking out the windows. The couple times I’ve been out the weather temperatures have been delightful. No bone chilling winds to cut a body into little pieces I feel guilty taking a day’s rest for this old phart’s body heeling of sorts.
I be damned if I’m not wanting to pick-up on a project I have wanted to build for myself since the early 1970’s. A mechanically rolling body stretching rack with a set of built in adjustable rollers for massaging out adjacent spine-sided muscle spasms. Now what? As if I haven’t enough projects already. Hmmm, I’ve rollers, tracks, lumber will be no problem; but, what I will need is a good electrical motor (one lying around here (I hope) plus some miscellaneous hardware. For now if I find the right surplus motor and the miscellaneous hardware the project is assured.
In-coming cal a potential buyer for a lost project taking up valuable space in shop we were on the road. Missing taking my meds, Bro’s interference with schedules my meds were taken almost two hours late. Could be I’ll be lucky to make me a snack before bed time. I hates going to bed hungry, especially in my aging state….. (big-a grin)
My evening’s plans fowled up but good looks like I’ll be visiting Mike’s shop come morning for re-bending metals.
Snow’s coming down steady for first time this Winter. Looks like 3” measurable snow out here now. Could be we’ll have something to contend with come morning. Extended forecast is calling for more upper 30* temperatures coming our way nest midweek.
Bulletin: Almost 7:00PM its reported 60 car pile up on I-75 just north of us. It’s a good night to stay home and way-off the roads. Just getting for ourselves visibility is about nil.
In my way of thinking, snowmobiles aught to be outlawed and junked.
Today’s bottom line, I didn’t do any getting working out. The weather was pleasant enough. But I needed time to heal. So laying around the house I didn’t get out for any OilHouse picture taking. See ya’s…

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