Thursday, February 16, 2012

2-16-2012 Cat, Stats…
The cat Stats from time to time decides to take over my lap and of-course I’m not always instantaneously pleased to absorb his devotion; and, I mean devotion. Bigger than a football, maybe even as large as a slightly over-sized breadbox he can be more than a handful. Then to totally show me his devotion all four his corners are devastatingly sharp. I don’t know what triggers his (or any cat) loving impulse but my sitting in my morning chair bare legged between Stats pawing as if in a softening motion and add to this his opening and closing his paws, on my naked flesh, those nails of his near has myself wanting to claw the ceiling his unappreciated loving antics. While I’ve suffered no mortal wounds, still when he’s got all four feet going my flesh feels like I’m being pin pricked in a couple waves of syncopated needles exploring my hide for durability. Sheesh! I do wish while it’s nice to have a loving lap sitter to share its love with me does it have to feel like my returned love is being tested as to how much needled punishment I may endure?
Some shop time, while Fillip took something apart, I attempted to clean some unnecessary trash off the top my toolbox for ratchets, ‘n’ the six plus strips of sockets, and then tried to logically reorganize my expanded toolbox‘s drawers. Key word this last line is “tried.” I’m sure there’ll be some more changes made, but for now I’ve enough drawers to put my wrenches into.
Saw the saw-bones specialist this afternoon. We talk more informatively this our making some very collectively headway over the causes this time and spoke of tried and new treatments for my lightening striking headaches. My even able to include some of my Chiropractic adventures. (I wonder could these little episodes be minnie epileptic seizures?)
After some discussion Doc wired me and hit me with some hot voltages looking for nerve responses. When he’d finished his prognosis, I’ve got a whole bunch of pinched nerve damage. Surgery was an unlikely solution that’d be of little real help in the end and frowned on. He wrote me another prescription to try and suggested I keep doing whatever else helps: keeping busy, sitting upon my collective cushions, and chiropractic visits.
On our way home, we stopped by the county library for me some dis-assembly/reassembly engine modifications printed instructions the Greeny truck.
Next stop, the Crossroads hardware for Oil-House door hinge bolts
A last stop, I took us for a drive over to a very large dairy concern (same place I had been to a few days ago) to see what hay I could gleam (deal for) to feed my ladies. Made out alright, It’ll be even better if the ground will harden up with a good freeze so‘s I can get into it and back out with several loads.
Back home after a busy day out and about we’re reminded my Ladies hadn’t been fed. So it was cut the wrap and plastic twine and move a fresh smelling summer bale out to the ladies feeder. Inside the house my day was done.
PS: The con artist’s story’s coming…..

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Paula said...

Yep those cats are something else. We sure love our Susie cat.