Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day

Was a slow morning hanging around here to assist my steady valentine’s cleaning up for her doctor’s appointment. That about blew the morning. Juan come by to pick-up groceries. I talked him into going next week. Had a cold peanut’n’jelly sandwitch for lunch. And we were on our way.
While we was at doctor’s office I gave Bro’ a Sear’s pick-up slip. That gave him something to do while he waited for appointment’s end. And then when we had left this doc’s office he’s decided he has to make an appointment or Frieda to see a sleep doctor to read the results of her last sleep study for a new cpap’s machine settings. Then she has to come back to him for the results and the final order she’s needed for the last 3’r’4 months. The Golden Years! Hog wash!!!
Getting back I fed my ladies Fillip’s yesterday’s goof-up. They didn’t know the difference this offering having fallen apart before I had gotten to it. What they don’t know wont hurt either of us. (grin)
Well now, I’ve been hit with a small case of ID theft. After feeding the ladies, Fillip riding shotgun, I drove over to the Crossroads. Hitting the bank first my banker got right on my money theft problem taking care of it within minutes. I get my money credited back into my account tomorrow and a new debit card UPS-ed in two working days. I admit I’d been taken in by another Inter-net scam. Now that I know how the bastards work it, they ain’t getting me again. That’s gospel!
We stopped for milk and a couple other needs. Milk is my single most important staff of life!
“It happens every time!” driving into the Crossroads there wasn’t a single customer bellied up to the local filling station’s gas pumps. Needing gas and price dropped something like $.50/gallon I was going to save a few bucks on my return. Now how in just a couple of my 1st stops by the time I got back by to go the gas station there was five lines 2 cars each and we wound up one of them. I swear these fleas must have been waiting behind some bushes just a-waiting my return’s approach to tie up all those gas pumps ahead of me..… What the “Cheeze’n’crackers!”
Back into my own neighborhood we stopped by the shop and unwrapped my package, a three drawer tool cabinet add on. Measuring the ones I’ve already got, this addition will fit between the bottom and next on going up from the floor. My shop tools cabinet will be a stacked four cabinet storage facility. Here’s an extra, putting this new cabinet assembly together I might just as well clean out all the drawers and start over with what’s known as curent everyday tools used.
The yawns are coming wide now and I’ve got to grind tomorrow. Me thinks it’s coming close to bed time. Nite-Nite!

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Paula said...

Let us in on the internet scam so we don't fall for it. Glad you were able to get it straightened out quickly.