Sunday, February 26, 2012

2-25-2012 Been Busy Be Beavers….
….under the shop’s snow covered roof the last couple days. After working upon the 1989 Chevy K1500 Greeny truck I now know why the repair shops ask for the big money for just replacing an engine. Gosh all crickets, What used to take me (us) twenty minutes to remove an engine during my old days, its taken Fillip and I the last couple days to remove each one and only it at a time these bolts in modern time. Plus do to modern automotive technology there a whale of a lot more of them. And then this machine’s got any number of shields plus quick assembly fasteners to figure out how to undo and/or remove them. Argh!
Of-course we started into this k-knocking engine removal all wrong in the hard way. What we took out some of the wrong bolts yesterday so today we had to put them back in. Then we found we needed a very special wrench to remove the radiator cooling fan. Something I’ll either have to borrow, rent, or make. Balderdash!
What minuscule headway we made I’ll take it, while I’m hopping this project will get easier. Like it took us all day including putting the bolts back we had finally gotten the radiator draining for over the night.
Work programs for tomorrow includes bringing more firewood into the house, grinding hay, and finding our way to haul in another heavy load of salvaged hay. Plus Tomorrow’s every other day double barreled feeding hay chores.
Opps…2-26-2012.…Looks and reads like I’ve missed another timely dialogue journal entry. This’s the third day’s mumbling my what’s doing my corner Shorthorn country.
Okay so it’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting here trying to remember what I wanted to write that what had come to my mind some hours ago. Okay, I’ve confessed that much. Want more? I can’t remember if it were even important to me let alone profound enough to record and keep. Now, I’m laughing at (with) myself wondering if this is perhaps even partially correct a body loosing its mind. I sometimes wonder where somewhere inside my cranium I haven’t set it aside and forgotten where I had laid and left it?
So from here on from where do I let my absent mind wander and wonder? Isn’t life great when w do self analyzing and declare the rest of the world nuts? (grin) I think I’ve just discovered something, only pray tell what it was or even be?
Well, looks like I’ve come this far. Now if Sneak would only join me we’ll get outside and try and frighten a real sunny day. It’s certainly cold enough out there for a several mile drive an open station tractor to haul home some second class hay. With keeping some mind full sensibility this means well bundling one’s self for the trip, and a cold arsed trip it‘ll be!!!.
More upon this open minded moment of discovery later……..
…’s later still later.
We got the animals fed for the next two days. The grain’s been ground using stock barreled reserves. Being Sunday this was one them days we I try to keep some reserves on hand.
The ground grain spotted, next task was bring alive a 1850 Ollie for bringing hay out of the neighbors hay yard. As I had expected the batteries were cold dead. Putting the heavy-duty charger on it (them batteries) we went up the road to check on another neighbor with troubles their own while the Ollie was supposed to be healing itself. While we waited we put these people together with another neighbor who had the means to help them out. Vundaba! My going back up to the farm for Ollie problem found Fillip had forgotten to open fuel valve, so we were an hour priming the Ollie so it’d start again. Eventually Ollie running no time to haul more hay today we went down into the creek bottom to pull out a neighbors buried loader in some custom stirred mud. That was fun. Chain near useless we finally brought it out with a 3” nylon tow strap. Then some thing went wrong with the rescued loaders front wheel, the poor thing looking cross-eyed. Nuts! That problem solved only to the extent the machine’s sitting on top the ground instead of down in it.
Well now the 1850 tractor’s here now. A little tinkering we’ll use it tomorrow for bringing the hay purchases out to were we may hook on to it to truck the load home.
Home late, Having to wait an hour after rattlers, I settled for a can of chicken noodle soup poured over cornbread a nd then nuked to the best flavoring warmth for eating. Supper over with wanting something to drink I mixed 50/50 cherry juice with ginger ail. By golly when that mixture hit my taste buds it was a my head on my neck snapper.
G-nite… Tis bed time….zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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