Saturday, February 18, 2012

We’ve got snow

Looking out my morning window it looks like Winter.
Not sure it’ll last long. Forecasts call for more warming. Yeah right, just what I need, guaranteed moisture laddened mud. Sheesh, it was shirt sleeves yesterday turned snow-shovels, scarf and mittens for today.
If I should possess a good dose of ambition this morning I’d like to finish up all those minuscule Oil House unfinished odds and ends this morning. Ten start moving in the gas compressor, the gasoline generator close to the building’s door making them much handier should we need one or the other of them in field or emergency use. Then follows all the cussed 5 gallon buckets of oil and grease lubricants, plus transporting fuel cans. Getting these bigger things out of the shop will bw a big help making us more floor space room for a couple new machines plus opening additional area for more than one large project at a time.
Oh, I know, I’m repeating myself. Doing this, I see myself finally getting some of these things at long last done!
With a whole lot of fresh wet snow and some stiff breezes to blow my stink away I sort-a laid low this morning. By the time I made the shop I was more interested in trying my prowess designing and making an unimaginable non-existent hold the barn door open hardware. Well, the hardware is fashion (made). Still needed I a piece of lumber for mounting the latching end of the rather interestingly tri-directional bends on the working end of a single 4 foot length the longest heaviest working single component for my pure country innovation. All the parts made I’m anxious to finish its installation tomorrow for the working test.
On my way home Ugly coughed, sputtered and other wise wanted to stall. Made it home however. It may be running out of gas. The JD needing fuel also looks like a refueling day coming up for tomorrow. I’ve cans of gas for JD. Need take Ugly to a filling station. To make the trip count must pick up latest new prescription as well as some household milk. And, Monday I must re-supply the shelled corn supplies. To keep the week busy I’ll be riding shotgun with Juan for our monthly Tuesday and Thursday’s optional grub gatherings.
Here it is already nearing my deep night’s sleepy time creeping up on me. Even an uncontrolled yawn is dictating my nightly slumbering surmise.

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