Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day almost Lost

Went with Juan this morning for kitchen pick ups. That shot the morning. His very afternoon the snows we had over night melted off the equipment I wanted in shop melted away, Fillip and I put them in the shop. Easiest part of the whole day the 4010JD without muss’r’fuss started right up to do as I had it’s running expected. That old 10a 12v charger had done its all night on job, as expected. Surveying the machines the JD looks like an easy fix. Just opening Greeny’s hood, my just peering under it traumatized me. A headache coming on (likely just thinking about it) I excused us in lew of visiting the local District Library Branch, a different one this time. And, this time I copied 18 pages out of a Chilton motor manual how to remove a 1998 chevy pickup engine. Well now, I’ve got three sets of instructions from three different sources. I ought to be able understand at least one of them? I get the holes punched and put all them sheets into a three ring binder those pages will be ready to go.
So warm today, this crazy Michigan Winter weather, saw some of these guys out walking around.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
It’s my guess they are avoiding flying for fear their wings icing . (big grin)
The single most impotent accomplishment all day, maybe two, Getting the machines in ahead of Winter Storm Warning’s KAOS, was one and taking a nap for the headache was the other.

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