Tuesday, January 31, 2012

unreal weather

If this is our January thaw it’s the longest one I can remember. And it seems it’s going to carry on right into February. Well at least it doesn’t seem to be near as muddy as the warm winter we had some ten years ago. Our temperatures reached for the 60*F mark today. And where was I working? Under Bro’s van fixen its rear brakes. About the time I was winding up the brake job, and stepping outside for a breath of fresh-air, it was were had our 4” of snow gone this afternoon?
Purely exhausted I’m ready to close this writing and shut it down. If I had just a might bit more energy I’d have tried to tell a current on going ghost story. Perhaps another evening after I’ve been given more moments like this coming up one?
PS: Ah nuts: I forgot to record Tom's come home today. It could be six weeks rest upon his part before he surfaces. We want him well. Not over doing it!

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Paula said...

Look forward to your ghost story. Get rested up so you can write it out.