Saturday, January 7, 2012


I’m up, I’m eating, and I‘ve no idea what I’m going to do today? Although, in yesterday’s travels picking up my meds the amongst them I‘ve another new one to take. My newest doctor suggesting my system may be experiencing some inflammation about my nerves and/or blood vessels. These sort of conditions could be the cause of my latest battle against these lightening striking pains so he wrote me up another new prescription? This worried me. I’m not to sure I want to be treated with an assortment of antibiotics, for fear if a day arrives I will seriously need them, they’ll be of no use to me? So, checking with my pharmacist told me it was some sort of a nerve relaxant. Nerve relaxant? This drug eases up (lowers) the sensitivity of the nervous system thus the likelihood if my body is experiencing some inflammations about my nerves this drug should help relieve the numbers and severity of these electrical striking pained ordeals. I’m to start taking them this evening. Looks like I’ll be whatever I may be doing, I be doing it extra carefully.
Additionally I've enlarged that missing piece of cake like opening in the back side my sitting’s foam rubber cushion. Perhaps that interference pressures put back again on my misaligned repeatedly broken tail bones are the retuning cause these new pains. I don’t know? All I know is I need relief if I’m going to remain a useful citizen in my community.
What’d we do this afternoon? Damnedifiknow? Let me start out slow. While Fillip fed the ladies I took another look at the digger-hoe and found the ground wire completely disconnected from the whatever might be called the tractor’s frame. Connecting it under a starter bolt the Crazy Ford started. Running I immediately went to moving some of the sand and gravel piles resting in the lower driveway while the thawed materials were easy to move. Just getting a good start I saw Logan coming up our road with his 2 ½ deuce. This required shutting the Ford down. Can’t miss a chance to exchange a few nouns and verbs with Logan. He’s looking for an old wagon axle and wheel for his cannon carriage. Just what I need, something else to look out for. (grin) I do like all these projects whether they’re mine or somebody else’s. (grin)
While the Ford was shut down I decided we’d better run down to shop for some oil for a 4020 JD crankcase lube change. As much trouble the old choke cable had been the poor tractors oil smell heavily contaminated with gasoline. This could be serious if gone unchecked. Also looking forward to scrapping out the chipper what had taken Bro’s leg off I decided we had better do some jacking on it to get all its extremities out of the earth up on higher drier blocking for easy hooking it up for disposal later. Meanwhile thinking I’d like to save the tongue jack, the spindles, and a nice sized sheet of steel for making Dumpy truck mud guards to go just ahead the rear wheels. Got the idea for those guards spying same on Logan’s deuce.
Some twenty minutes left before dark I thought I’d dig and spread out some more sand and gravel. The Ford electrical system dead. (Oh no!) I took those few minutes daylight I had left and started unloading the wood hauler, Fillip joining me. Mine going onto another pallet, his inside the house. When we were all done we marveled at our labors Almost a full cord resting on two pallets and another ¾ cord inside the house. And an empty wood-hauler’s already to go out for another load of firewood come morning. Then I’ll get to look at the Ford’s more current problem. Cantankerous machine!

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Paula said...

I have a friend who has a condition that she describes a little like what you are saying. Her's all started after some dental work. I feel for both of you, it seems to be a miserable thing to have happen.