Monday, January 2, 2012

just another work day

Our chores supposedly done early so’s not to have to worry about the later, We finally wheeled up to the shop. Fillip having to move Dumpy,, when he backed Dumpy over this woodchuck killing him under the truck‘s wheels. .
Already on ice, the talk was we’d take it home for dinner later.

Here’s another shot the 1850 Ollie engine suspended from shop’s roll-about ‘A’-frame. Note the second chain-fall hooked to the Hydra-Drive transmission for removal. A few minutes later the scene was similar for the like transmission replacement.
This is overhead wheeled ‘A’-frame arrangement is one of the handiest tools we have ever made. Absolutely the handiest tool for fixing almost anything on (in) an Oliver tractor, for two handicapper’s.

We didn’t work long on the Ollie, having quit late for lunch followed with another appointment with my last chiropractor. Under his nimble hands an fingers He soon had me feeling better.
On our way home we took a side trip to see if we could come together with the picking up of my grandson’s 150 Ford pickup transmission. That side trip was almost a total waste of time. Searching the presumed neighborhood, meeting some nice people, engaging them in conversation Fillip and I had a good time. Still, on the road again our continued way home I found a 20’ JD transport disk. Needing a bit of TLC it really looked fairly good to me for the price. All I’ve got to do now is find the money.
We returned home in time for drowning my rattlers. Fillip carried in some firewood before he was called away to feed the yearling heifers. I cut up a mountain of cardboard boxes condensing their burnable use to fit them all in one box.
Oh boy! Tomorrow morning we can take to setting the Oliver’s power plant back into its tub. I’d like to see this project finished before the weekend.

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Donna said...

I emailed the link to this post to Cliff, since you were talking about the 1850. He won't comment, most likely, but he will read with interest.