Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh Oh, Seems I forgit…

…something! Or maybe pooped had set in and I didn’t care. It was early to bed if nothing else enjoying a good night’s sleep.
To back up just a smidgen, we all enjoyed a gentle snow fall what might have gotten up to three’r’four inches. So prtty we enjoyed every minute of it. The scenery was simply spell binding. Falling was those kind of snow flakes sized in nickels and quarters we as children used to catch on out tongues. Any body else remember those days. Used to be hilarious fun when someone lost his’r’her balance an fallen flat faced’r’backed down in the snow. (grin)
Yesterday’s shop time we took Bro’s rear brakes apart. found brake pads gone right rear, that same corner’s caliper piston parts frozen. Parts supposed to be here this afternoon. Surprise was the delivery of a full set like new tires mounted on bud wheels for dumpy truck. Only to let it be known as ussual, just as we’ve near cleared that half the shop's ramp cleared off we’re again stacking more tires on it. (laugh) Oh well, such is progress. (hehe)
And, we even managed to fit in a couple hours watching Disney films on ABC.
So far today running late getting off’n’on, I awoke late getting plenty of horizontal exercise shivering my butt off to lazy to either repack the woodstove with firewood of lazier to find me a second blanket. Then it was when I had gotten up on Nature’s call……
Frieda brought up the fact tomorrow is Fillip’s Birthday, then asked me what I was going to do for him. I thought for a moment, my eyes locked into hers, and said, “I guess I’ll give him the day off and take him with me.” .... “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” she’d said, You’re just going to show him another reworded work day.”
Eventually my moving the wheels of progress I turned left out of driveway and motored over to Otisville making four stops. Only had enough coin of the realm to purchase one medium bag cat food. Stopped by Pharmacist to pick up four scrips. While there I tried explaining I was trying to get off her script pills by substituting jelly beans for them. The pharmacist liked my explanation, yet, all his women associates gave me something less then a kind word or wave…. Next, I stopped us at the post-office and was relived to see our pictures weren’t posted. Just the same I made some futuristic inquiries as to postal costs and moved on. At the county library branch we picked up those infernal revving-manure forms the post office hadn’t had in years. Oh well! One more stop by the TWP Clerk’s office I signed up for a brush burning permit.
Back home I had even packed trash from the basement into recyclable feed-sacks-turned-trash-bags. Today’s the day for getting the trash out. This included rotten apples, forgotten vegetable food stuffs, and some coveted oranges I’d been accidentally denied. Whew two bags full. (groan) One change will include my pealing and coring more apples for some backed apple crisps. (yum)
After lunch we went back to cutting tires. Tires we did cut up, about five more and dually set them out for our tomorrow’s trash pick-up. That was all we could manage on-account our fingers were near froze, at least uncomfortably so. Sure felt good to get back home, inside, the stove repacked with wood for mother and the rest of us. I belatedly took my rattlers without forgetting them as I had a couple day’s ago. Whew!
As life goes on this morning’s wash had been put into the drier. And the rest of the evening’s looking promising. Now if I can only find a good TV movie for an evening’s nap so’s to rest me up for a good night’s sleep. (hehehe)

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Paula said...

Not many snowflakes where I grew up but I do remember one snow. My golfish died and I buried it in a matchbox in the snow. My Mama put runners on our wagon to make a sled but there was hardly enough snow to slide. lol She was from Oklahoma and missed some snow once in a while I guess.