Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purty Day

Another load of Firewood has been brought up to the house. Not sure when we’ll unload it? But its here and we’ve another pallet or two to stack it on. The heating season’s looking comfortably better.
Returning home looking around, we’re wondering who fed the ladies. Yup, the JD had been moved. Tractor sitting on top the ground close to where the same tractor’s tires were resting in ruts. (hmmm) Tom’s has to have been here.
Speculative plan is get loader-hoe Ford going, put material bucket on 4020 JD and move those piles on lower drive before they’s frozen solid down in my way lumps. Also plan on putting back blade on little Ford.
I guess since I’ve stuck my worked list neck out we’ll see if my words hold water.
Story time:
Some weeks ago my keeping Sneak happy I’ve tried to stop us by a dumpster at least once a month. Sneak just plainly likes to forage for whatever he may find useful others had thrown away. I do have to acknowledge he’s come up with some useful, very useful, manufactured products. He’d gotten a $250.00 leather/faux-fur reversible winter coat for nothen. [Oh crap! I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say!!!] He’s brought to his home shirts, pants, towels, blankets, tools, working electronic products; all useful. It’s either amassing or ridiculous the (sometimes perfectly) good items people throw away.
Why when we were out the last time I even got caught up in the excitement of this treasure hunting. I brought home a perfectly good a “her ladyship’s hair drier (I’ may use to thaw winter frozen water fountains), and a slightly used wheeled body sander/polisher (merely needen a pad and discs),”
5:00PM, finishing our day’s work right on the dot. Timing’s perfect for taking my rattlers on time. And best of all we accomplished all the tasks above I had written earlier. It’s been a good day. Somehow it just don’t seem to be right nothen gone wrong?!

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