Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lest I forget

Having enjoyed a good night’s sleep I waken at my most usual time, a few minutes after the five o’clock (mid-winter) challenge. Do I get up was the question? and, yes was the answer! I had to make a water haul; and, on my wayback I had better make a woodstove check. Yup, it needed feeding. I checked and moved he coals around a bit and rist rightly put in three as good a sized pies wood I could fit thru the doors. Then I cowardly returned to my pallet pulling the deep thick cozy making comforter up all about me and luxuriated the contemplation do I or do I want to get up. Not really no longed sleepy, what I had, had, had satisfied me.
Hookey, so I had once upon a time had grown to the blessed reachable height of 5’17” and knowing I’ve settled some over the years I tend to still do like to sleep kiddy-corner at least one blanky on my bed. And so it was my lying down I purposely pull and strategically gather myself under the arranged cross corner comforter over myself. Prone I pick up my feet making certain I’ve a distanced corner hanging well over my tootsies and settle them down upon the bed my feet enveloped in my covering. I roll to my right’n’left both in turn gathering similar opposite like corners as comfortably close to my body as feel huggingly tucked. Lastly, I pull the last opposite comforter’s corner just closely off sides up about my throat or at times more closely about my ears; sometimes my beard either under or over the blanket.
So, enveloped as such my cocoon feeling oh so cozy, as I luxuriated in my gathered close to me warmth. I listen to the tick-tick tock of the wall clock, the eventual snak, crakling, pops coming from within the iron firemen standing a few feet away, the otherwise silence so very close homing me in. I could have imagined I was a bear silently like hibernating in a cave on ear lightly listening to the world spinning quietly about me.
Myself comfortably cozy within my multi layered cotton shell, a figure comes quietly looming slowly moving alongside my bed. I feel a loving hand innocently take to lightly massaging my shoulder. Ohhh, that felt so good, I tried rolling myself liken a cat to slowly reposition my back to let the gentle hand rubbing shoulder to rub my spine instead.
That was awhile ago… Some how somewhere along that line of wide awake dreaming, that figure moved on and my spine felt nothing. (sigh) I do believe I’ve just experienced another indication the honeymoon is over. (Sigh) And, after only 11 lustrums. (Sigh!)
So now the chimney’s stack heat exchanger’s blower has come on, I’ve been up a-while and must at last, an hour late now, sort and take my rattlers.
OMG! Hallelujah! I conversed with a long lost Grandson (Scot, some 200 mi away) on the land line evening last. What a glorious treat. I’d (we’d) sure like to see him. He’s 20yrs and doesn’t drive nor want to. I can drive and mustn’t. My driving range has been drastically shortened or restricted to roughly a 5mi radius. Thus we may have a difficult time getting together.
Oh crap! I’ve got to get off’n’on and go to work or otherwise try to do something constructive today!
Getting my act restarted we put I a good afternoon, quitting only when we were cold fingered enough. The 1850’s assembly far enough along we’ve fueled and watered it. The hood needing put on we’re saving until morning when my physical strength is up to its best.
On another front I may have found a good 1989 Chevy tailgate rat here in my neighborhood again. I should know more tomorrow price and if a deal may be made. The rumors abounding are tailgates go for as much as more money than the cargo boxes. What the heck?
Sure glad we’re working inside the shop. The winter winds born in the Yukon coming down in a raging motion are chilling my every bone. Temperature wise if the winds would die we’d have some fairly decent weather.
Nuts! I’m sitting here trying to write this to the uncivilized tune strummed lightening fast notes rising upon my nerves. Some these plucks pic-ed on my nerves are shaking (rattling) every fiber my being. Dam, I was alright all afternoon. It seems every time I sit here they come. My first relief is rising upon my feet. I stay in motion the electrical pains either stay or go . My rattlers taken at about the 5:00 hr. Now I’m ready to eat supper during the upcoming 6:00 hr. Then give me another seated hour and I’ll finely find pain these last 2’r’3 hrs relief when I go horizontal. Having completed another peaceful day our labors falling just a bit short it was still a good day just the same. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get around to doing something rightly should have been done days ago. Crossing my fingers…..

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