Monday, January 23, 2012

1-23-2012 goofus mixes

No journal entry evening last. If I must keep my time up to date we picked up our shop repair worked tools and messes. Our shop time also involved trying to solve transmission leaks. Spent some time on same endeavor again today. If leaks continue may mean pulling chrome plated pan back off to liberally buttered with some sort gasket sealed all sides the pan gasket. This is a thrilling concept to redo. First time was no picnic. I see a second time around not about to be any easier.
Today’s adventures began with a chamfered ride around to Flint’s SW side for an EEG. Took a n hour and when all done, tech couldn’t tell me a thing. Although, while she saw some irregular brain activity and as long as she was no expert unable to read and understand the squiggles, she saw nothing in there. (grin)
My second driven request was a stop by either a grocery store for milk and ice-cream, or a stop by a drug store for milk. Evidently my driver figured I didn’t need the ice-cream. I consider myself lucky managing to bring home a couple gallon milk. For early on afternoon kicks we managed to grind grain between a couple heavier showers. Delivering it poor Ugly lost traction, my having to give up, give in, and bring up an 1850 Ollie what had the weight and traction to finish parking the ground grain gravity box into feeding position.
If we thought we had solved Ugly’s leaking transmission problem yesterday we had to run it into the shop again. Fillip took another turn tightening all the pan bolts again. If this round of wrenching hasn’t solved the problem leaking, I’ll be very unhappy.
All said and done Ugly transmission continues to need help and that kind of it only a rebuilt transmission can take care of!
This about takes care of us for the last couple days. Yet, a shall add for the record while I’m sitting here I've felt waves of static electricity only as I can describe the queasy feelings gathering waves of what I can only describe as a packing static electricity within the back of my head as if my head was a condenser absorbing a Hell of voltage charge preparing to just a-waiting to go off.
PS: This’s a doubly late urinal entry. Busy, busy and just a few hrs ago strategically head-achy. So head-achy about the time I was ready to post this the back of my head had already started to stir my noodle. I not only lost instant interest, I also didn’t care whether I finished the savings. All I wanted to do was lay down to escape the pain. It worked. It’s 2:00AM and I’m snaking likely putting on my waist. GN

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