Friday, January 13, 2012

1-13-2012 Friday the 13th

It rained all day the day I slept. Plus it rained even all the night I’ve just woken from. An hour late this morning even. I asked myself, my head clear? Am I Painless? Worse, I prayed I was experiencing a clear mind to go along with the clear head. Is this double indemnity?
I’m already imagining all manner of possible temporary relief’s. I can always dive into my multitude mounting mound of pill cases. A naturally mounting collection of crap any druggie could drool over. But, read me for the truth I’ve saved every drug (that’d keep via my pharmacist’s recommendations) I’ve refrained from taking when they either didn’t work or were clearly no-longer need. Gosh, think of it. Being a thrifty pill taker I’ve got my choice of un-taken 3’s, 4’s, & barbiturates.
Nut’s! My last written sentence has just been interrupted via, “You got to grind grain today.” message. Well now, this just might work out. I’ve taken my rattlers, done my inhaler, and after breakfast I can get out in the brand new fallen fresh spattering of snow all over ever-thing.
Yup, here it comes the headache has decided to live on. Nuts! Can I say or write “nut’s” twice in the same thought??
It’s gone way past noon, we’ve lucked out not quite having postponed a what was supposed to be a noon meal. The day slipping madly faster by us than it looks like we may keep up with it.
The Dumpy’s clutch continues to drive us crazy. Fillip and I managed to elevate Dumpy’s front end and make some useless adjustments. Taking Dumpy to shop a fulcrum and a 2”x4” for a lever we brought back a crooked clutch pedal. Clutch action working even worse. Squirting oil over every pivot joint we could find, The pedals turned even lazier. A run over to the Crossroads our ordered parts still haven’t come in. Back continued braving bone chilling winds and snow we’re bogged down in the home yard. Managing animals fed, had to eat for our warmth's after getting Dumpy stuck. I think I’ve got just one final solution to Dumpy’s problem either needing a stronger or another clutch arm spring. Darkness about to over take us I was wishing I could find that spring before dark. I don’t know. Fed and rested a few moments. And, I’ve had to get back at it. Hell of a way to start out a new Friday the 13th day. Nut’s!

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