Monday, January 9, 2012

Same-o, Same-o….

….only not quite. The weather has started to turn dismal with a low pressure system moving in over our heads. Now, I’ve got me a terrific headache, as if I needed another one?
We’ve cut another wood-hauler load of firewood. It sits just outside the door here waiting to be stacked on a couple more pallets and then cover the stacks with some old tarps.
We’ve got the material bucket on the 4020JD to undo. The forks are needed back on the JD for feeding the ladies and the yearling heifers, here and just down the road. I feel like some extra pain relievers are in store for my level headed sanity!
Fillip having worked for a tree trimming co for some years often has some odd ways going about it. I’ve asked him what are these funny little triggering squeezes he makes like with the chainsaw, “Vroom, vroom or vroom, vroom, vroom; before the all important giving the saw one more the last squeeze of the trigger to absolutely make the next all important looping it off cut?”
I’m not particularly happy with his lump limbbing of the firewood’s’ trunks. Kind-a makes for some rather difficult neatly stacking the firewood for drying, handy storage, and/or easily handled use.
The weather weighing heavy on my mind and body today I let Fillip do all the cutting and toting the wood to the splitter where sitting on my arse I did all the work splitting the wood into manageable stove and wife sized pieces.
Back outside after some first class peanut and grape jelly sammitches I climbed aboard the JD n-dropped the big bucket. While I couldn’t see the exact bale forks frame, eye balling down both sides the loader frame I managed to centered it all together close enough for the latches engagements. Then went to moving hay bales. 1st hay bale was a picken-it-up salvaging Fillip had dropped again. Thankfully he hadn’t parked a tractor on top of it again. (lmho) Wish I could say I’ve never lost one. Well maybe I could if while saying it I held a pair of crossed fingers behind my back*. (grin)
Every body in the animal word fed I turned my attention to fixing three short fence runs. I’m assuming it was deer knocking them down. Now that all the deer hunting seasons have finally come to a close perhaps the deer’ll calm down an ably jump over them.
My getting back to the house I just happened to be in time to see Fillip loading and toting into the house the last arm full firewood. We may not have not appeared to have set the world on fire today not gotten as much done as we had yesterday, we're satisfied we finished it up a full day just the same.

*Fingers crossed behind an individuals back, that individual may tell a wee bit of a little lie. (grin) The fingers crossed, that little lie isn’t s’posed to count. Forestay?

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