Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nuts twice

Gads! I’ve been dating my journal entries last years dates. Now I’ve got to got back and sort them out re-labeling them, so to speak, so they’ll be in the proper order for futures more timely access. A-then it is about 5:00AM and I’m wide awake. It is obviously clear I may be wide awake having not adequately tiring myself out yesterday for a much longer Winter night’s sleep. Oh well, I see this early morning rising as a good time to properly date the messed up documents I’ve saved. (hahahahaa) Dig it, I’ve continued to avoid being.…..
[Oh crap, My line of thought has jumped the damned track and I’ve lost my train of thought! Has anyone ever managed to cash in a lost absent minded thought? I’d like to have gotten something back for every one I’ve ever lost or had more seriously had despondedly swept aside.! (Opps, here I go again making up another new word “despondedly.“ It makes perfectly good sense to me. The trick is don’t think about it. Just let the word roll off your mind.)]
Let me go back to 5:00AM. Laying there semi-wide awake, the Telly was broad casting images of tight butts, young women’s tight butts. Ah yes I remember live images of them as an adolescent, worshipping them from a-far to even eventually inadvertently claiming one for my own. (lmao) I can’t help myself. Thimking about this sight in my mind. The Holidays not long past, the male that I am I ogled a number of sights seen while marketing….I’ve noticed a many a tight jean worn by a many a lady fair having over indulged (eaten) shall I say adding sums of surplus pounds to their derriere’s. Oh well, male that I am, I shan’t apologize, for the man that is in me. (LMAO) So there! It is written. Besides I fully intend to take my manhood’s mind with me when I go. (grin)
Once we got going I if our movements could be called that. I was a slow moving individual all day. It was a wonder we got nything done. The wood-hauler we emptied. Wasn’t a lot of firewood but every piece cut will help keep the home fire’s going. Tried decently covering the wood pile with an old tarp. I was more’en like a churchy tarp after a slew of mice having tried homesteading it maken it extremely holey. (shall we pray)
Bro’ called us all in a dither saying his fences needed attention. That was good as we needed to get it moving around here and drove down the road. There we busied our selves taking care of odds and end’s problems with his fences. He’ll never know what all the simple things we did to bring his voltage’s meter reading up. He can drive right on by all manor of the simplest wrongs imaginable and still remain in crisis.
As usual there was no thanks for our saving the day. However, while Fillip and Bro’ went looking for more problems I doubt were there, I did managed to wrench, so to put it, on the 1850 Ollie in the shop. The weather expected to turn foul any day, hour, or moment here we’ll soon be back inside trying to get that Ollie right and back outside for other equipments additional equipment repairs. Like dumpy needs a few moments attention with another ticklish clutch linkage adjustment. I haven’t made up my mind what next we’ll try to bring in. So much to do I’m not absolutely sure what to tackle next. It’ll likely be wrong which ever way I turn to the next projects. We manage to clear the rest of the shop’s apron off we’ll be able to put two projects into the shop side by side. Let us hope…. (grin)

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