Tuesday, January 3, 2012


The whole of fairly well took today’s nose dived mercury temperature indicator. My fingers alone objected almost noisily. Talk about hurt. Can’t tell another soul how many times I sought ducking inside seeking warmth for them.
I remember the times where I liked putting them getting ear rupturing squeals of uncooperative denials thawing them out. But that was way back when….
Backing the weather up we damned near froze in this abode we call home. Liking a stone walled cave we all suffered the freeze searing night. These dungeon like spaces so cold I poked the basement dragon in the ribs to help take the chill off the place so’s I could even peek out from under my blankly to see if it were daylight yet. Brrrr! And then some.
Out late after a loosing battle wit the woodstove, Fillip and I hustled the firewood resting upon the pallet aside the desk and restacked the woodhauler’s load on that same pallet’s empty space. This took all the morning what was left up until we had given up to doing a drastic measure.
After brunching Fillip and I hit shop time long enough set the 1850’s power plant back into the sheltered tractor’s tub. Installed phooey, Motor mount bolts merely started, my fingers so cold it was an early quits for this day. Oh how the warmth of home felt walking in to some decent wood fueled fire my whole being enjoyed the warm in quiet joy. Roughing it through my mail, my hands becoming warm enough we were back out side putting a small bat-charger on loader-backhoe, loaded up an oil space heater, and refueled the 4020 JD. What we didn’t finish today will still be there tomorrow.
Weather’s supposed to warm up the rest of this week. Will this be our January thaw? Making a list of things to do: Put back blade on little Ford and park it in barn. Get L-B charged up and running. Move sand and gravel piles usefully around-about the water fountain and raising lower drive’s elevation. ‘N’ spread the crushed rock where it’s needed. And, oh yeah cut-down’n’cut-up a few more standing dead dried elm and ash trees for at least two home fires. Oh yes, the fun of it all!

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