Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I-Net Wars

Hasn’t been easy getting on the I-net today. Took me two hours before FireFox accepted my wants directions. It wasn’t until I had turned on the TV news did I learn of the war between the I-Net carriers and the federal gobberment over new big brother’s ideas of implemented rules to police the I-Net.
Personally I’d like to see some cleaning up the information highways. I’m sick and tired while researching a product, machine, information, machinery parts, electronic whatever, or varied AG products for a few suggestions, being spammed with smut material. I’ve had it with FaceBook being/having had porn dumped on my FaceBook page. What the??? I believe this I-net white collar crime deserves just as much law involvement as do abiding by the rules of the road. I’d like to see fines and/or jail sentences laid on these scum promoters. AND, then this morning I object to having paid for Internet service and then having it shut down or slammed shut in my face.
Okay, I’ve opened my day’s ‘urinal with a double barreled rant…. I’m incensed….
Now, how about a change of pace (sort-) laugh?! Remember I mentioned an impromptu shop stop yesterday. Well….., Frieda’s making like giving Sneak a whole lot of extra credit for his supper’s offering evening last. Actually Sneak with his handy can opener served a good old American dish (perhaps only recently heard of in China) “La Choy” Chow Mein. Anyway, Sneak added a small can mushrooms, a large can water chestnuts, and boiled up a heaped amount of polished rice. I fondly dislike polished rice or any polished grain for that matter. Anyway, cause Frieda and I are supposed to be eating either reduced or salt free. So, we enjoyed a purchased bottle of sweet’n’sour sauce on our dinners. That was different. Anyway, it was an inexpensive meal for three people.
Have just experienced one continuous sleep interrupted with a water hauling night; but, I have been given yet another glorious day’s living on this sweet earth. More about it later.
A mere wee bit later. Lazily taking my time starting my day a county grader had gone by supposedly upping the quality of mud laying over our road’s surface. Can’t have a road with substandard mud, the kind of mud what covers everything, the painted surfaces clad in dull mud colors and the insides of the fenders well packed, and let us not forget the wheels rims totting unbalancing frozen mud chunks to cause the driven vehicle to chatter and shake like a miss-played galloping kaliapee.
Right turn out drive, 1/4mile down road, left turn Juan’s drive, we had coffee while checking on Juan’s family welfare. While there I took this picture Jeanie’s seasonal holiday toy scene she lays out on their pool table each year.
One day soon I must take Her Mostess to see this!
Is it “good things happen to those who patiently wait over night?” Here’s how it goes…. I had put the word out to two friends my interest in finding a good cargo box for my 1998 pickup truck. Now get this…I didn’t even have to go looking. One absolutely beautifully preserved pickup cargo box came delivered to me sight unseen this morning. Seeing it in the flesh it didn’t take long to come to a sound reasonably summed treaty. A third down the remaining two thirds balance do in a couple weeks.
Moneys settled the cargo box was unloaded and stowed upon a couple kaput tractor driver tires. And, some of us had worried about finding any use for those tires? (grin)
Much later, Fillip and I continued a very productive day in the shop. So productive Fillip commented the Oliver was beginning to look like a tractor again. We keep plugging away at it, for we may just have it up and running tomorrow. Here’s an interesting make shift comfortization of the shop. Fillip ignited a kerosene space heater. Under the Oliver.
It is amazing just how comfortable it had gotten in a 19*F shop, particularly in the immediate vicinity of the tractor’s reassembly.
It has been another fun day in my Shorthorn country corner. Coffee with friends swapping lies. (I said that?) Procuring one excellent big bulky item-ed Green-y truck part. We accomplished a whole lot of progress in putting the 1850 Oliver back together. Been a good day. I must have gotten more done than I realize for I’m experiencing some weakness in my knees and cramps in my thighs. So, in closing be thee blessed with.....

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Donna said...

Gee Fern, I always figured you for a guy who would enjoy a little porn. (Just kidding, of course.)