Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nude Years Day

Okay I holidayed for a spell on rising this morning and got little done. By time I got out a-the house I went alone. Blocked wagon whee and moved Dumpy away from it. Next trick was to move the the 4020JD without it sliding north into either a pile of railroad tiles or my holding pile of milled ash lumber. Next trick was to take a wagon’s loaded hay ring out to the ladies and bring back the one these same ladies destroyed the last one, and still bring the tractor back. Oh what fun it is wading through an open winters dashing eight/ten inches mud feeding the animals. Yet while the easy temperatures make it easier enjoying working outdoors they don’t do anything making mud one iota better.
In my travels I feuled Dumpy, paid Logan a visit seeing his American revolutionary war cannon. I was really checking on his invitation to paint Dumpy’s new doors inside’n’out. Still short of the total required paint stuffs, and of-course the doors when I do get it all together his helping me with one my projects aught to save him a few bucks spent on some of his own projects. (Grin) He's still with me on it. Whew!
Some shop time finally put in, I managed to readied the none working Hydra-Drive unit to come off the 1850’s engine and install or at least have the rebuilt unit installed to come off tomorrow and replace it with the rebuilt unit for completion the whole power plant's installation back into the tractor.
While it was a genuinely miserably windy rainy day all day I still accomplished some headway in a couple Shorthorn country directions. Oh yeah….
Happy New Year friends and neighbors.

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Paula said...

Happy New Year to you and your's.