Friday, December 30, 2011

Ho hum day

T was a relatively uneventful day. Up and at’em we put our trash out with the neighbor’s. Got rid of a grow garbage menace what had homesteaded our kitchen. Yesterday chopped rain and snowed on wood to wet to burn we had to go undercover for what few dry pieces at piled rest on a pallet beside the deck under a piece of plastic.
Going to shop never made it helped bro reset hid squeeze chute and feed his animals early. Then it was lunch time.
Lunch eatened Fillip drove us over to the Crossroads There I picked up some enamel primmer, paint, what we could get a new broom handle for the one I broke this morning. Also picked up some mending plates for use on the oil house. I paid my moneys and we left the hardware store with another gallon paint coming in tomorrow and enamel paint hardener in two weeks. Now, I need to find the doors and get them over to my friend who’d said he’d paint them for me in his heated garage. One more stop and we were gone back to the shop putting three hours. I jerked on the 1850’s drive shaft for an hour, Fillip taken over for another twenty minutes the cussed drive shaft slipped out for him. After I had given up the drive shaft removal I took on taking the Perkins front motor mount bolt out. I messed that up also (if we’re counting failures). Tom helping us the guys managed to install the engines lifting plates. Finishing the afternoon the motor mount bolt still needs coming out, the bicycle chain also needs to come off. Not to bad a day really if we don’t include the disappointment in our failure to carry in dry fire wood last night.

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