Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Went to a vet…..

….for another opinion. Not that I don’t trust all of modern medicine’s new analysts views or wonder drugs. Making a few phone calls I finally hooked up with broad minded medical office of a veterinarian nature for a late morning appointment.
For or earlier morning’s entertainment Fillip and I made a few modifications to the rabbit hutch conversion. Using some ruler’s numbers I laid out a couple penciled in lines to saw through when I’ve more than enough time to get the tools out, use them, and put them away. Finding the hutch’s left having sagged ridiculously lower over night. We jacked it up, blocked it up, and left it to its own weight sway back the opposite direction. All of a sudden t was time to pick up a couple feline passengers and hit the road with them.
To the far western end Clio’s business district we found the medical facility I had called earlier. Almost hit it on the money wheeling the wrong driveway next door. Luckily with a connecting driveway Fillip correcting my slipshod navigation with his modifying instruction I got us up to the correct doors.
Inside the facility taking a temporary seat we hadn’t waited long we were all hustled into an inner sanctum treatment area. There scales were brought in for some weights. No guess-imation here. Further examination providing nothing found between the ears, hands on examination (oh, that tickled) upper and lower belly was good, no lumps or bumps either region. One shot, both medicated behind the neck, for flea allergies, Della and Stats, the cats were ready to go.
As purr-ty as all the women were in this establishment I may just take up animal ways for my next times medical assessments and treatments.
No exactly bad boy accompanying a couple felines, we might just as well do some shopping (shoplifting as the case may be). We stopped by TSC to pick up Fillips forgotten package of the other day. I drove us around back the Goodwill store for shoplifting goods out of their trash dumpster. Walked away with four useful goods other day we’re using what totaled $300.00 retail had we honestly bought he stuff through some heavy shopping. This trip drew a near blank. Other day’s retrieval netted a heavy winter coat, a handy small fan we’re now using to better move the woodstove heat around the house, a hair fashions drier we may use for thawing out frozen water pipes, and something else(?). However, this’ne’s a now’n’then a well worth the occasional stop.
Next stop by passing Wally World we picked up socks for her Mostess’s feet. Then drove on back into the heart of Clio’s shopping district for bananas and oranges filling a shopping cart with all manner of culinary goodies. From there on home it was back roads all the way. Lunch’s dinner hour arriving right on 3:30 PM’s time it was 4:30 PM when we finished. Nuts, to late to start anything, hardy time enough to get the tools and immediately put them away before dark it was supposedly to late to worry about doing anything else.
My shoes taken off, phone rings, fence broken down the road. Shoes on again fence was a mess. Some idiots (more troops, 4Hers this time) had their own ideas as to how to ruin a good piece of wire I knew little about. And then they wonder why the animals keep walking out for long strolls?
Good golly Molly:
One might think an 18 ½ hour sleep would be good for an old soul. Ha! I failed to finish this journal entry evening last fallen asleep some where’s about 8:00 PM. It’s 3:00 AM now my finishing it….before I slip again into some….zzzzzzz’s

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