Thursday, December 22, 2011

Continued krummy day

I had a god night but shortly after rising for the day here they come. Those cussed electrical shocks just a shaking my entire being. I was no better off. Fillip watching my distress call Doc’s office. “What the Hell? They didn’t keep him for observation? We’ll see about getting you in for a MRI before January.
I did a lot of sitting around the house all morning. Experiencing some lower back discomfort during the night, Experiencing some questionable BM inconstancies I wondered if my sciatic nerves are pinched. Had Fillip take me over to my chiropractor for a lower back adjustment and see I that’d help? Great, found him closed Thursday. Have to go back tomorrow.
Was gotten out of the house after lunch gone to shop. Didn’t do much experiencing some inability to walk straight. Bummer! Sat a spell and unwrapped baked goods until all the bread was done. Then moseyed home for a continued early day. These headaches suck. Not driving, no power saw uses. I don’t get help soon, will have to find my own way to tighten up again over another malady. And, this is getting to be old hat.
Thankfully, tomorrow’s a new day!

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Paula said...

Feel better soon Fernan.