Saturday, December 3, 2011

old out-new in
Today’s accomplishment was getting the old broken down couch out to the road the new couch up from the barn. The one gone out I had given it a 1”x6” planked lift plus casters screwing that one all together. This new sofa, two equal sectional equal though opposite ends I made a frame calling it a cradle. What it amounted to was an open bottomed box made of 1”x8” planks with additional 2” legs six places about the perimeter.
Readied I thought we were going to have carry Her Mostess outside with the old sofa. The furniture moving got easier
Into it Fillip and I lowered each end making the two pieces one. My lift kit has turned out rather nice. The body easily sitting down and marvelously even easier getting up and off from. I true delight for older folks the likes of what we’re coming to be. Nuts, found one exception. Frieda’s mentioned her feet aren’t touching the floor. Oops. Well, I’m not building another frame 2” shorter. She puts her feet up most the time, anyway. No complaint out of getting up and off the couch so not all’s lost. Another though if she hadn’t complained so about her difficulty getting up’n’off the old one.
Most importantly for the very nearest future necessity the wood hauler’s finally freed for toting home some desperately needed firewood.
I guess now I had better be preparing for a long Winter’s nap for I must be brightened seeing to how much of a cord of wood I can cut and haul home, each of the next good outdoor weather day‘s.

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