Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pulled three ways to Sunday

Right out the drive we tackled shop work. This time we’re revamping a rabbit hutch for use as an Oil House. We’ve needed one for a ghastly long time. A building all its own fully devoted to farm oils, lubrication, plus no less than a place to keep paints, cleaners and varied fluids; anything flammable to be kept in a facility all their own safely kept away from endangering the shop.
Now let us back the hours up. Yesterday I ran out of one my medications needing Doc’s refilling today. Oh what the heck, I called the druggist for filling all the rest my scrip’s. Nut’s!
I’ve just had to dig my travel list out of my pocket to finish a portion this writing. Two stops out of the way another super market stop needed for white vinegar. Down the street a block Dumpy needed gas. It figures I got there early enough I missed the upcoming nickel price lowering. Now, another long block, turn the corner for a last stop outlet store for all this merchant’s white yarn. Five crunched stops and I was all done.
Back to the shop for the last of my afternoon Fillip and I worked on putting back together all that we had torn apart this morning. While we hadn’t gotten far, we’d made a good start.
This building was a rabbit hutch with multiple condominiums. The hutches coming out, a good floor and multiple shelves replacing them tires will stand on the floor along with bulk buckets of oils, grease, and fluids. It’ll also hold fuel cans. Then there are more multiple shelves for umpteen paint cans. This building will be a busy place.
This last snap shot displays the building’s framing and some damaged siding needing some addressing. This is just one more project. Hope to have it finished and parked out of the way by the coming weekend. That’ll be a good trick to pull off.
A day visitor out by the shop commented upon my Brother’s behavior, “He’s the dumbest smart man he’d ever met.” the man had said. ROFLMAO, Fillip and I cracked up….
Driving home the moon rising in the clear east-northeastern sky was full and the coolest white imaginable. Beautiful!
Dumpy truck parked our walking up to the house this evening Fillip looked up and saw the cross arm upon our electrical service pole cracked/splintered two/three ways. Looked to us the liken the insulator was about to either short out upon the wooden cross arm or the insulator slip enough to drop its primary line upon our service entrance. Now, that would make for a real hot/frying messy affair.
It tee’s me off, it took me a half hour or so to get in touch with the Consumers Power Company to report the accident waiting to happen and another three hours for some one to come out and officially look at it. Serious enough a work crew will supposedly be out yet this night to make a lasting repair. I don’t envy those guys.

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