Saturday, December 17, 2011

Doing this’n’that

Started out to do something with the rabbit hutch….now I’ve no idea if we’ve accomplished anything. Whatever we might have done before lunch time is already beyond my memory. I did remember Dumpy hadn’t had a fuel drink for gosh I wish could remember how long? Wheeling left out of down yonder’s driveway I had wondered if we would even make it to a filling station?
Once we were out on the road Fillip and I stopped by Logan’s with a small bit of fancy junk we had retrieved dumpster diving a couple weeks ago. So ideally suited to the man’s nature when Sneak and I saw it we simultaneously thought of Logan. He’s was absolutely delighted with what he called a perfect gift. Who’d ever thought? ‘T’was another prime example it‘s not the gift….it’s the thought what counts.
Moving on down the road we filled Dumpy’s fuel tank with $3.06.99/gal for gasoline. Unbelievable!
Running on south into a close east side Flint burb the first stop Home Desperate. They didn’t Have the very first prime ingredient, the passive fiberglass light panel for the side wall. Nut’s. On the road again, merely crossing the street, we went to Lowalies. What they had wasn’t quite what I wanted but it was something that would suffice. Adding 2 green and 5 white plywood sheets, plus some 1”x4”x12’ treated green boards for the shed’s door. It wasn’t until we were our way home did I realize I had forgotten hardware. No problem we stopped by Ralph's hardware store at the Crossroads getting all we needed at discounted prices plus, A BIG-A PLUS, a free five gallon tin pail for ashes.
Lunched and the big animals fed here, Dumpy unloaded, bread unwrapped, at the other end. We fed the young ladies fed two bushels baked goods on way home. Maybe we’ll finish tomorrow with more done? Beyond all else the last couple days were happily enjoyed.

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