Tuesday, December 6, 2011

funny-odd happening’s

Bulletin: Have found a monogrammed ground blind “Bone Collector” on one of Shorthorn country’s back forty’s. Not exactly knowing what to do with it, as I’ve no more need of one, marginal eye sight, my shooten day’s having come to an end, I’ve decided to give every interested party a chance at owning and using it for themselves. So, I’m suggesting all interested parties wishing to participate in my silent auction do it with hand delivered written bids placed inside hermetically sealed envelopes into my hand sooner than later so as I may determine the lucky bidder well before Christmas Eve’s eve.
Rather than doing whatever everybody else had in mind to make my day a busy one Fillip and I managed to take a drive down this Shorthorn country’s shady lover’s lane cutting, splitting, and wood hauler toting home the dry firewood. The load was mostly dead dried up elm with a bit of gopher (poplar) mixed in. “Gopher wood? Put a piece on the fire and go for more.”
“Twas a pleasant day woiking out back. Saw dear twice roughly a 1/4mi away: two coming out, seeing , turning around , flags waving as they retreated back into the wood; and, 2more nosing around in a passage way between an over grown fence row and a wood lot. The weather not to cold nor to warm was a comfortable temp hovering right about freezing.
The firewood load backed to the deck, lunch eaten Fillip riding shotgun I went to see my banker. Got a few tips coming away feel financially better. Made a second stop behind the local Goodwill outlet. I took it upon myself seeing to Fillip’s kept happy with an occasional dumpster dive. We did alright: A $250.00 minimum priced fur lined leather overcoat for fillip, found a paper shredder for myself. It’ll be right handy fixing those papers I don’t want to discard in our weekly trash, and some other odds’n’ends we can thoroughly check out tomorrow. A third stop we were shopping TSC for some animal medications for our two cats.. Lastly we made a quick stop one the AutoZone stores for a turn signal flasher. Now all of Dumpy’s lights are working as they should be.
Returning home Fillip And I took turns unloading the wood hauler into the house. Me first while Fillip made supper. Fillip finish that task after supper as my back while maybe it hadn’t gone out my back still had a couple sore spots. All this mornings labors fit into the house by 8:30PPM. It’d had been a crazy eventful mixed up day. A full load wood cut, all of gotten inside dry, a run into one of the burb’s, Fillips priceless coat acquisition, me an office letter shredder, Finding Sparky’s ground blind and chair, seeing wildlife scampering around outback.
Tomorrow’s outlook must include cleaning and testing 4020JD sparkplugs, once and for all fix a missing window screen so’s I may securely close a bedroom window. Wouldn’t hurt to take the wood splitter along and figure out why it had failed to run all day? Yup, it has been a very amusing and rewarding day.

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