Friday, December 30, 2011

12-29-2011 Woodlot visiting Day

The home’s wood box empty, a wood chopping day was required. I know some might take offense I and mine should presumably take a day off. Tough!! Fillip had finally emptied the wood-hauler again and none to soon. WD45 with wood hauler in tow the wood splitter in tow we turned right out the drive for the tenant farm in the hollow. Just log splitting it didn’t take long to load said W-H trailer. Backed up to the deck and covered we can carry its load into the house after dark. Getting close to a postponed lunch Fillip’s feeding the young’n’old ladies.
I’ve taken up the time to write some of this while telling Frieda how hard I did all the work After Fillip had brought me the logs to split and also carefully stack the split wood on the trailer. (grin) Gosh, his presents is a big help.
The afternoon would find us down the road. I in shop working on the 1850 Ollie and Fillip outside working upon the oil-house. A gentle windless snow fall, temps just above freezing it was a beautiful day for a productive working atmosphere.
The afternoon didn’t go as I thought it might have gone as I had written it would. Getting back on the road arrival down the road later than intended we instead joined Bro’ in unwrapping more baked goods. This weekly task we finished just in time to see me delivered home in the last of the evening’s twilight. While we hadn’t gotten into the shop as I had hoped, we still had had a good day. When the log splitter wasn’t running right Tom had come out and tinkered with. The last time it quit we all quit and discussed (disgusted) what could really be wrong with the recently ailing motor. Myself commenting on the fuel tank had been siphoned dry the last time we used it running temperamentally and refueled with fresh gasoline, Tom disappeared coming back with some rubbing alcohol. The brave soul that he is he let me pour some the alcohol into the gas tank. A pull of the rope starting the engine once more, the engine ran like a top. Tom had cured the splitters temperamental ill’s. This was near it for the day.

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