Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rain day

Cussed Cushman refusing to start even after draining fuel filter. We pushed it off to one side just possibly for the rest of the winter. Meanwhile, while Cushman’s out of the way we positioned the splitter so one of us could back the load covered Dumpy truck in far enough into barn to split its wood load. Luckily the rains had subsided about the time Dumpy’s load had been burn-ably processed. Most the load to the back carried into the house that left to the front of the bed was dumped for later stacking. Other matters pressing we had to get us on the road.
While Sneak fed the ladies I had my choice of lunches. (hehe)
Our dinner’s consumed we went shop. Not there long I had to come home before suffering one of the 102% fall-outs. No let up in the rain we went back to shop an unwrapped 17 bushel baked goods. Running out of two bushel tubs we decided to crunch it callin’ it a day.
Early off work we procrastinated our way into a neighbor’s house looking for that just right priceless cup coffee. ‘T’was Mad Madeline’s uncle and aunt’s place. I was wanting to know what Madeline’s favorite colors are. Frieda’s made some six’r’seven crocheted blankets and is fixing to send the pretty young Miss one of her works of art.
Getting home at an unusual reasonable hour I slipped into the kitchen to assist Fillips preparations to make a simple pizza. Quick and easy to make and loaded with ingredients from the four major food groups (or was it three groups?). Wondrously a pizza contains everything a body needs. And, I’m thinken…..
[Darn it I was just writing away here having a thought to set down and forgot it before I could finish it!]
……a mixture 1/3 store bought eggnog with 2/3’s 2% milk makes a tasty companion drink with this Holiday’s time of year’s home made pizza‘s.
Along another vain, I’m becoming thoroughly disgusted trying to fine building material prices and locations for two reasons. I want to know how much I’m spending, have I the funds to swing them. Secondly I’m looking for that single one stop location where I may make my purchases in one convenient swell swoop over a pre-selected trail (goin’n’comin‘ route).
Nuts! Not getting anywhere on line shopping I have to give it up. Sandman’s standing over me for one thing. For an other thing......
.....My running out of words. It’s bed time…….

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