Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I’ve been found out

The other day (maybe a week) when Frieda’s traveling nurse had stopped I had happened to be here for a belated lunch. In her presence I had one of them mind and body shaking internally electrical storms my performing what looked like a private biological earthquake. Some of a spent-gun she’s turned me into our health-care provider. So yesterday I received a personal call upon my (not Home phone) cell phone I’m to make a post haste personal appearance before Doc. Oh crap! If I ain’t got enough trouble keeping myself together this could be another fractionally reducing the width and breadth of my neighborhood Shorthorn country activities. Fillip’s appointment yesterday I managed to postpone my commanded appearance until this afternoon. This trying to age gracefully is to soon becoming the (excuse my French) the shit’s!!!
Opps, Forgot telling my near criminal intent surrender over an in the parking lot police chase evening last, story. So here’s my version the excitement. Having parked Dumpy in the Meijer Thrifty Acre parking lot just at sundown evening last, taking Fillips laptop ‘puter in the store with us for fear leaving unattended behind in Dumpy truck, for it’s safety sake being there on our return, we’d had it checked in on store entry before going shopping.
Pulling out our shopping lists, I marked our needs with codes so we weren’t backtracking for over looked listed needs. The shopping made easy we crossed the super store department through department cleanly and smoothly. The key, organization. Why, I had even managed the long checkout lanes honeying up to a cashier in the electronics department for a much ultra faster checkin’ out. Then it happened. Satisfied with our purchases, more than ready to depart the store’s helpfulness: A discount on a previously broken product packaging, a slight bit of slight at hand checking out, our passing through the out doors a bevy of lights, bells and whistles went off. Oh crap, was this for celebrity status or had something been overlooked in check out. Fillip’s positive thinking he announces, “That’s us!” I’m thinking, “What?” Thus to save time not passing go but rather heading straight for jail we return to the alleged scenes of our crimes. By and by a store hostess we see coming our way. I knew in a moment we had nothing to dread. The handsome lady approached us with security cops by her side. Rummaging through our purchases nothing was found. It was determined a magnet inside the ‘puter had set the alleged exiting shoplifters announcements off. Whew, the rest of the ride home remained uneventful.
We did however pass one what Fillip spotted was a ready to burn firewood pile a-side the ride home road. I nixed the stop fearing we could well have become an overly involved unseen traffic hazard in the night’s darkness and unusually heavy Holiday season shopping maniacs traffic out all over the roads. We were not alone! (grin)
Did we accomplish anything today? I think so, in spite some of my morning could almost be classified as wasted. A useless trip into one burb was barely saved with cruise into a second adjacent burb where I dropped Fillips faux fur lined leather coat off to my favorite seamstresses for a hopefully simple zipper tang repair. Should be fixed by next wk this time.
We did get some hours work done on the new slowly coming along Oil-House, the afternoon cut short for my Doc’s appointment. Into Doc’s office by 5 minutes of 3:00 PM we didn’t get out until 5 minutes of 6:00 PM. And then all I got was a calling promise I’ll be set up for an MRI brain. I can faithfully guarantee rat-now they’ll find nothing there. (smile)
Our bags packed with an assortment of flashlight batteries, one jug milk and assorted medications we come home. Mom having told us earlier in the day she was making supper when we got home Fillip asking her what we were having, she answered, “Hungh?” Well, that question was answered. I asked Sneak, “Did you washout the slow cooker?” and I got a, “Hungh?”
Well now, This were we stood not that Sneak’s forgotten promise had anything to do with the lack of a prepared supper. I just plainly means Her Mostess had simply forgotten her promise. The unsightly cracked-pot condition had never been met by the Her Mostess’s eyes. Sneak however saved the moment. He managed to hustle us up a quick black olive pizza. I shall not heartedly recommend this concoction to even a potential enemy.
Here it is then my day I have had more then enough of. I change from day duds to night duds I’ll be well relaxed for sleep when I’m nodding off’s’on or is that on’n’off?

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