Thursday, December 8, 2011

Promises Made

It ‘twas 1958, a relatively young man (22yrs) knowing what he was doing, a very young girl (21yrs) frightened near out of her wits, each ‘bout to each take life changing steps into brand new kind of life at any moment this very special evening.
The weather outside was frightful. Winds howling blowing snow into near impassible drifts falling before them. A car pulling up in front of a chapel the wind subsided, snow’s falling at rest, a cleared sky filled sparkling bright stars, it was a good omen. Two sets of foot prints made tracks in the snow across a parkway and up the steps to the chapel’s doors.
Inside the chapel their coats removed the a groom standing solid in his shoes, the bride stood her knees k-knocking. The groom assured the bride.
The potential bride blubbered real tears bawling her heart out exclaiming, “I shouldn’t be doing this. I’m not ready. I’m not to sure about this?!”
The prospective groom dabbing at the nervous bride’s eyes dried the tears away softly speaking these encouraging words, “Do it anyway. We’ll discus it all later.”
The brides response, simple and direst, “Okay!”
The grooms family arrives, his Mother and Brother. The pastor confident about his duties speaking to the bride, is suggesting, “When your parents come, my Girl, I’ll join you two in the chapel. If your parents don’t show up, Miss, I’ll join you two here in my study. And I‘ll make sure the whole congregation hears of it come next Sunday!”
Only a couple moments past the brides parents did show. Standing before the minister a couple/four candle softly lighting the seen, as the groom said his vows, his mother under her breath uttered, “I’m through!” Then as the bride affirmed her vows, her mother used, “I’ll give her six months?”
Leaving the church our combined lives full of promise we toured the town with our horns blaring announcing our union, another couples stake in the community.
Back at the house, the home I was leaving a wife on my arm our willingness to start another, the house was filled with surprising us guests. They were a welcomed support group after the turmoil we had gone through to us where we were.
“Best wishes! And Congratulations!” blessing joyously passed onto us, happily received, we left this party driving up the coast about twenty some miles to the first motel I knew of. Standing before the registration desk with pen in hand hovering over the card the groom had emptily headed forgotten who he was/his name, the bride sure of herself standing behind him confidently spoke his name dictating letter for letter from an alphabet the young man’s name, the couples combined Sir name for the first time, so’s he could fill in the card’s blank spaces.
Shown to a log cabined room, A fire newly laid cheerfully blazing away in a fireplace as we were about to assume our rolls for the first time. My bride knowing what she was doing with her bag retreated to the bathroom. I left to my own devices prepared myself pajama-ed to bed. Moments later here come the bride putting one knee on the humongous bed followed by the other like a cat, on all four’s she slowly approached me looking like a lynx about to devour her prey, me…! I wanted my mommy……! What had I done to last 55 lustrums.
Happy Anniversary my Dear Frieda.

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Paula said...

Awww what a sweet story! Happy anniversary Fernan and Frieda.