Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gonna get a lot done Sunday
Well, the plan we were going to get a lot done day. Yeah right, that was the plan. (haha) A tree coming down on a fence it meant an instant forestry problem needing immediate attention. The rabbit hutch conversion was passed over again. Instant travel required forestry tools drive to get them. The drive also included looking for a sheet metal saw blade what was never found. An instant resourceful reversing a plywood blade I'd managed to cut what amounted to some badly elements damaged squirting likw metals off the ol’hutch building. That out of the way for a moment, Fillip finely freed helping Bro run down an electrical open circuit on the livestock trailer (another immediate diversion) our dreamed labors bringing that old building up to service standards an additional side track.
Both of us side by side heading out the back forty we soon found our target tree. Fillip let me saw the easier part of tree removal while he moved the brush away and loaded the custom cut firewood’s. This worked out well for me helping my labors last longer.
One tree cut up, another a potential problem near by I took it out also. The brush thrown out into the woodlot. The fire wood loaded, we were also charged with checking fence insulators. Found one slid low, another one totally missing, the fence’s were fixed. While we were out there I took us around the pasture perimeter in search for a known wood pile I hadn’t picked up after some last Spring’s cutting. By the time we were done we had a half a dump truck load of fire wood. This is helpfully working out to keep us all cozily warm all this winter.
Lunched late, animals fed, the afternoon was our own to make some headway on the new oil-house. We were in flight again even if it were a short one.
Returning home some three or more hours later Fillip and I had put in a little more than a couple long afternoon hours work upon the old rabbit hutch. We also sat a bit in the waning twi-light of the evening unwrapping baked goods. While we had fallen short our goals for the day we had managed to something of achieving more than perhaps realized. I’ll chalk it up as having been a real good day.

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