Monday, December 12, 2011

12-12-2011 Accomplishments gone blew-y

Ever loose a day? That’s what it feels like today. I’ve been (we’ve been) busy, busy all day seemingly chasing our tails in circles as we’d gone along as it were.
We started out feeding our ladies and girls first thing, a noon hour switch out of the norm. Then took on the rabbit hutch for a spell working at it until we had accomplished the next phase I’d planned before lunch. Lunch later than usual left us with a shortened afternoon, an afternoon so short I don’t remember an accomplishment before we’d had to wrap the work day up to keep another Fillip’s medical appointment out’n’about the other side Flint, Fillip driving. A late afternoon appointment we were in’n’out before sundown.
Knowing we’d never make it home before dark I already had put together another shopping list. So it was, next stop Meijer’s Thrifty Acres. Top of the list: shower repair parts, Cat medications, and some Xmas day groceries principally a sugar cured ham ’n’ pineapple slices ‘n’ maraschino cherries, plus some other compulsive odds’n’ends bargained things. Then it was on our way home we go-ed/come.

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